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BCAA amino acids help fight the effects of a poor diet!

Italian scientists presented this year the results of their research focusing on the issue of BCAA amino acid supplementation. Their results are truly surprising!

Among other things, the researchers focused on how BCAA amino acids affect health. In their research, they decided to verify the hypothesis that branched chain amino acids are one of the causes of insulin resistance. The study was conducted on mice – some of them were given a high-fat diet, while others were given a low-fat diet.

As the results showed, the low-fat diet rich in casein promoted an increase in triglycerides and inflammatory parameters. A high-fat diet with casein affected insulin resistance, as well as impaired biochemical parameters. A high-fat diet with whey protein hydrolysate, on the other hand, contributed to a twofold increase in free amino acids.

In conclusion, taking whey protein hydrolysate prevented or mitigated the damage caused by either a low- or high-fat diet.

Featured photo: Brett Jordan / Flickr

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