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What are the training effects of ginseng supplementation?

Measures containing ginseng root extracts are recommended not only for overtired people, but also for athletes for whom physical exertion is the daily bread. What good can such supplementation do us? We check.

Ginseng – what is it?

Korean ginseng, also called proper or root of life, is a plant belonging to the aralia family. Its health-promoting properties have been known to mankind for more than 4 thousand years! The fame that ginseng has enjoyed since the dawn of time is certainly no accident – as the plant has been proven to have an extremely positive and diverse effect on the human body. Among the benefits of its supplementation are antioxidant, adaptogenic, immune system-strengthening or libido-stimulating effects. In addition, ginseng is believed to improve cognitive abilities, vitality and memory. How do these qualities compare when confronted with the results of scientific studies?

Ginseng – proven properties

In one experiment, ginseng was proven to have a positive effect on muscle damage. The root of life is able to significantly accelerate post-workout recovery, making it an excellent supplement for athletes and people under heavy physical strain. Ginseng can also prove invaluable for weight loss, as another benefit of this plant is lower fasting glycemia. Compounds contained in its roots can positively affect glucose metabolism, as confirmed, among other things, by decreases in fasting levels of this sugar in the patients studied. This is sure to be of interest not only to those looking to shed a few excess pounds, but also to those at risk of developing diabetes or struggling with glycemia.

However, these are not all the benefits that this perennial plant has to offer. It has been scientifically confirmed that ginseng exhibits antioxidant properties – it is a source of many antioxidants and, as a result, strengthens the body’s natural protective barrier, while neutralizing excess free radicals. In addition, the advantage of life root supplementation is the positive effect on lipid metabolism. Its use increases the level of so-called good cholesterol, while reducing the level of bad cholesterol.

The cherry on the cake in ginseng supplementation are anti-cancer effects, improved mood and even improved sexual ability. The Korean plant thus has an impact on various elements of our lives, and importantly, this impact has been largely confirmed. Since ginseng actually works, it’s worth taking its supplementation under the microscope.

Ginseng – supplementation

In pharmacies we can find ginseng available in a wide variety of forms: from tablets to powdered root or dried. The choice of the form in which we will take the health-promoting preparation is up to us. It is worth bearing in mind that any remedy containing ginseng should be used only strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is certainly important not to exceed the maximum daily dose and, due to the stimulating effect, to use the preparations in the morning. Depending on the daily dose taken, it is also recommended to take a break after 4-12 weeks from the start of the supplementation process.

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