V-man workout, or how to exercise to achieve a V-shaped silhouette

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A V-shaped physique is every bodybuilder’s dream – which of the men who work out regularly wouldn’t want to have the physique of a superhero? Here’s how to achieve this coveted goal!

Working on a V-man physique is not easy. Achieving this type of physique involves the involvement of virtually all muscle groups, and thus – months of hard and often tedious work. However, the difficulties encountered during this long journey will surely be rewarded by the final result, which is an impressive appearance and excellent mood. So let’s mentally prepare ourselves for this difficult task and get to work!


One of the main areas we will care about while shaping our V-shaped silhouette will be the back. The only secret to a well-built back is actually training the entire body part, without skipping any section. Only then will the exercises bring the desired effect.

Among the most popular exercises for the back are activities such as pull-ups with a grip, rowing with dumbbells and barbells, Romanian deadlift, pull-ups or pull-downs. Properly implemented into your gym workout routine, a set consisting of these exercises should produce truly satisfying results. Before proceeding, however, remember that the listed activities are only for people who have already fully mastered the proper technique of performing them. Incorrectly performed exercises can cause injuries, and back injuries are often difficult to heal. If you are still not confident in your own technique, do not be afraid to seek advice from an experienced trainer.


Equally important in terms of effective V-man training are the shoulders. Powerful and strong shoulder muscles are among the priorities when shaping the physique. No wonder then that the range of exercises for this part is so wide! Training for shoulders is very demanding, so it will certainly appeal to people who like challenges!

When it comes to specific exercises, we should definitely mention the popular Armwrestling, barbell press overhead, dumbbell press sitting or mentioned during the discussion of the back pull-ups. Here we will also need an impeccable technique and a large dose of patience and self-denial. Especially with exercises in which the main role is played by barbell or dumbbells, it is worth starting with a slightly smaller weight and only gradually increasing it.


The big three of key parts during shaping the V-shaped silhouette is completed by the chest. Developed “chest” gives the whole posture an aesthetic appearance, and also is a kind of apex of the desired letter V. Moreover, it is well known that chest exercises are among the most frequently performed by regular gym-goers.

If we care about a powerful chest, then our training certainly cannot lack activities such as barbell pressing on a straight bench, barbell pressing on an inclined bench, dumbbell pressing or barbell pressing with chains, or – laconically speaking – everything that is associated with squeezing. Various types of push-ups (standard, with weight, with feet on an elevation) and dumbbell stretches are also effective exercises for the chest.

Main Photo: Edgar Chaparro/unsplash.com

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