How to train at the gym after forty? Here are a handful of practical tips!

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The assumption that at forty there is no point in taking care of yourself anymore is pure absurdity. From this article you will learn how to finally take care of yourself. 

The spring of your youth is behind you. Now it’s time for the summer of life! It’s high time to use your past experience, knowledge of your own body and your past achievements to invest in yourself. Are you worried about limitations? Don’t be! We will guide you step by step. 

Sweat, tears, walking and oatmeal

First, you need to improve your overall physical activity. Your belly didn’t grow on its own – we live in a society plagued by an obesity pandemic resulting from inadequate diet and little exercise. So start with the basics. 

Most phones allow you to install an app to track your step count. Your lower limit should be eight thousand, without this there is nothing to get back in front of the TV. Other considerations include giving up the elevator, limiting car travel, etc. Switch to a bicycle or at least public transportation – at least you will have to run to the runaway streetcar.

The second important element is diet. You have probably noticed that you are not burning your body fat as you did years ago. So what’s the point of eating high-calorie, fatty foods devoid of vitamins and minerals? Let the frying pan go. A pot should reign supreme on the stove. Buying a steamer will also be a good idea. Also control the amount of water you drink – 2.5 liters a day should be drunk by a person who does not train. Let alone you!

Your new tasty diet

You are not a student who has to live on sausages and toast. It’s time to experiment a little in the kitchen. The basic principles are:

  • a varied diet,
  • rejuvenating products: watercress, yogurts or salmon,
  • lean meat: poultry, fish, veal,
  • replacing sugar with honey and fruit,
  • healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates,
  • vitamins instead of empty calories,
  • limiting alcohol,
  • eliminating cigarettes,
  • products containing arginine: meat, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, seafood, nuts, spinach and lentils. 

If you have trouble constructing specific meals, rely on a tried-and-true menu, such as for breakfast – an egg, a roll with avocado, spinach and salmon, a glass of water with lemon and honey, some fruit (maybe a banana?) and a handful of nut mix. For lunch, lean meat (and if you fancy chops, for example, we recommend steaming or baking them) along with seasoned buckwheat groats or asparagus. Experiment!

It’s time to get down to training!

Now that you’ve worked out a certain number of steps, taken care of your hydration, and eaten properly, you can move on to exercise. 

Remember that sports are first and foremost about enjoyment. So choose those disciplines that interest you. If you like cycling, swimming or running, concentrate on them. Their complement can be the gym.

Remember that when choosing exercises, you should not overload yourself. First of all, you don’t have your joints and muscles worked out yet, and secondly, you lack proper technique. Of course, the issue of age may also come into play, but you should rely on your own sense. It would be a good idea, for example, to go to a personal trainer and do the appropriate research in advance. 

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