Want to lose weight quickly but healthily? These exercises are for you!

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Many people dream of a slender figure, but the lengthy process of losing weight can be definitely discouraging. How do you reduce weight a little faster, while remaining healthy? One answer to this question is certain exercises that provide support during weight loss!


One of the simplest activities that requires basically no preparation. We can run either in the circumstances of nature, on a treadmill in a fitness club, or in a gym. What matters most are the effects of our training, and these can be spectacular. During a half-hour run, we will be able to burn up to 200 kcal! Additional benefits of running are a firm body and stimulated quadriceps, calves, buttocks or popliteal tendons. All this makes this activity an excellent ally in the fight against excess pounds and more.

Bicycle or stationary bike

Another type of cardio workout that will prove invaluable if you’re looking to lose pounds quickly yet healthily. Riding a bicycle or stationary bike is a very dynamic activity, thanks to which we will burn nearly 300 kcal in half an hour! In addition, do not forget that this type of training strengthens leg muscles, as well as improves respiratory capacity and has an extremely beneficial effect on heart rate. As a result, cycling regularly will simply make us feel better, as confirmed by enthusiasts of this popular sport. What’s more, cycling is a great way to spend time – including with family or friends.

Strength training

We struggle with excess pounds primarily for health reasons, although everyone certainly also cares about looking good. Strength training will help us not only lose weight quickly, but also work on our posture and sculpture. If, in addition to losing weight, your goal is also to model a specific muscle group, then you should definitely reach for this form of activity. Traditional strength training may not have as much effect in terms of burning as cardio training (about 150 kcal), but it will allow you to shed pounds healthily and safely. It is worth remembering that you will also burn extra calories with the obligatory warm-up and stretching!

Calisthenic training

An extremely effective form of training, during which we will burn almost 250 kcal in half an hour of exercise. It is a workout based on working with the weight of your own body, so you can easily perform it not only in a fitness club, but also in an outdoor gym or even at home. Among the most popular activities are exercises such as push-ups, squats and pull-ups on a bar. By training solely with our own body weight (without the use of specialized equipment and machines), we will be able to quickly lose weight, and significantly improve our strength, mobility, motor coordination, and, as a result, our well-being.  

main photo: unsplash.com/Jonathan Borba

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