How to adjust your diet to your body type?

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Ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph are three types of body shape. Genetics can’t be fooled, but with proper diet and exercise you can achieve the look you desire

Identify your body type

Before you start thinking about how to plan your daily menu, a completely different challenge awaits you. First, you need to determine your body type. Depending on your body type, you may be:

  • ectomorphic,
  • mesomorphic,
  • endomorphic.

The aforementioned body types are different from each other at first glance. Petite and lean ectomorph is the complete opposite of stout endomorph, which is characterized by a tendency to put on weight.

What are the characteristics of each body type?

You still have doubts whether you are ectomorphic or mesomorphic? Use our tips. They will help you determine your body type:

  • ectomorph – its characteristic feature is primarily quite inconspicuous muscle mass. If you are an ectomorph, you may feel frustrated by slow muscle growth during strength training. Ectomorphs are lean and have low body fat. Another distinguishing feature is slender arms;
  • mesomorphic – the body type most desired by men. Characteristics include broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and visible muscle mass with relatively low levels of body fat. There is no denying it – if you have mesomorphic body type, you won the lottery!
  • endomorph – is the complete opposite of ectomorph. Endomorphic body type is primarily a large amount of body fat and a rounded silhouette. Fat is evenly distributed in all parts of the body. Metabolism is slowed down and if you want to achieve the desired look, you must watch your diet and regular physical activity much more strictly than others.

Diet and body type

Your daily eating habits are more important than you think. How much you eat and WHAT is on your plate each day is a major factor in whether you can achieve your training goals. Our tips will help you determine how often you should eat, whether a caloric deficit is beneficial in your case, as well as when to reach for additional dietary supplementation.

Ectomorphs who want to develop a muscular physique should focus on eating as much as possible. However, gaining muscle mass can be hindered by a rapid metabolism. You need to adjust your diet accordingly. Bet on a high proportion of proteins (up to 30%), as well as carbohydrates and fats. Limit your cardio efforts. Remember to take in more calories than you burn throughout the day.

Endomorphics have an even more difficult task. If this is your body type, you need to reduce your calorie intake. First, reduce the amount of fats in your daily diet to a minimum. Watch out for vegetable protein. Also pay attention to the carbohydrates you take in. Make sure that the nutrients come from valuable sources. Avoid processed foods. Rather, choose foods that will speed up your metabolism, which is accustomed to working at slow speeds. Also, try to add as much activity as possible to your schedule. Among other things, cardio exercises help burn fat.

Mesomorphs – theoretically they have the easiest task. This does not mean, however, that if you are a mesomorph, you can forget about a well-balanced diet. On the contrary! If you want to maintain the achieved results and develop the silhouette even more, then keep a strict diet! Consult a dietician who will take care of the variety of dishes on your menu. Remember to eat healthy. More frequent and smaller meals are better than overeating once a day. Fresh vegetables are recommended regardless of your body type. Eat healthy and enjoy a beautiful figure!

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