How many times a week can you do crossfit?

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Crossfit continues to grow in popularity. The overall developmental training attracts sports enthusiasts of all ages. Remember not to overdo the workout – it can end in injury.

Crossfit – what is it?

Do you think that a dozen minutes is definitely too short a time to pour out of yourself the seventh sweat and fall without strength? Apparently you have not yet tried crossfit training. Here it does not matter that you are able to devote to training an hour or two. The essence lies in the strength that you put in the performance of subsequent tasks. Little time and a lot of repetition is the true essence of crossfit. It is a general developmental workout. You have a chance to train literally all parts of your muscles, provided of course that you regularly participate in training. Remember, however, to closely watch the signals that your body sends. Adjust the intensity of your training to your individual abilities. Follow your own path of development – a shortcut is strewn with painful injuries.

Why practice crossfit?

This is a sport through which you can develop in many aspects. Already after a few weeks of regular training you will be able to notice a significant improvement in respiration, increased endurance or greater strength. Your flexibility, power and body speed will also change. The intensive training will have a beneficial effect on balance, better coordination, and accuracy. There is one more important aspect – weight loss. Crossfit workouts can be tough even for trained people. They force you to intense physical effort, and nothing contributes so well to accelerated burning of body fat, as the movement. Regular physical exercises will positively affect your mood. After such an intensive effort an endorphin shot is guaranteed.

How many times a week can I practice crossfit?

When creating a training plan, special attention should be paid to the effort put into each training unit. The human body is a machine, which has limited capabilities. When power and energy resources are exhausted overtraining will occur. Crossfit workouts are very demanding, especially for beginners. If you are just starting with sport and your body is not used to increased physical activity, for your own safety start with one workout a week. It’s best if you do it under the supervision of an experienced instructor who will gradually lead you to higher and higher levels of advancement. Take your pleasure and increase the load slowly, watching your body’s reactions carefully. If the body begins to send you specific signals, for example you suddenly start to be tired all the time, you will have less energy to act, and also problems with concentration will appear, then reduce the training load for a while.

Who can train crossfit?

Due to the fact that the workouts are quite demanding, this sport is intended for people in good physical condition, who are unlikely to struggle with health problems. If you suffer from a chronic disease, you should consult your doctor. If you are suffering from a chronic disease, then consult with your doctor about starting to train. Thanks to this you will be able to keep under control even blood parameters.

Crossfit – sport not only for men

Every year this sport is becoming more and more popular among women. In clubs special sections are created, in which only ladies train. Regular trainings allow to reach the dreamed weight and to model the figure. They also improve the mood perfectly. After intensive effort the body releases hormones of happiness. Endorphins take control over your mood – joy appears instantly even on the gloomiest autumn day. Want to safely train under the supervision of a professional? Look for regular club trainings in your area. In a group strength – you can be sure that you will meet people for whom development is an important value in life.

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