How many calories per day should bodybuilders consume?

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Muscle mass, which bodybuilders have, arouses admiration in many people. Then the question often arises: how much do you have to eat to look like them. It turns out that building muscle is not only about exercise, but also a proper diet.

Training for muscle mass – are exercises alone enough to build a muscular physique?

Undoubtedly, no bodybuilder will not sculpt muscles without hard work at regular workouts. However, exercises alone, even with the heaviest load, are not enough. Without proper diet you cannot count on spectacular results. What matters is not only the amount of food, but also its quality and type. Everyone who thinks about progress in bodybuilding should eat properly balanced meals. They must include a set of essential nutrients, including protein, which is responsible for muscle mass gain.

How do I calculate my calorie needs?

Everyone should know their daily calorie requirements, not only professional bodybuilders. Such knowledge allows you to optimally plan your diet. Providing the body with the right amount of calories will ensure that it has the energy to meet daily challenges. Eating meals with too few calories can lead to underweight and exhaustion. Too many calories in your daily diet, on the other hand, is the first step to overweight and obesity.

What is the body’s daily calorie requirement? This is largely an individual issue that depends on factors such as:
– gender,
– age,
– weight,
– your occupation,
– frequency and intensity of training.

It is considered, however, that the average requirement of a young woman of normal body weight is about 2400 kcal. The demand of a man is higher and reaches about 2900 kcal. The higher the weight of a person, the higher the calorie requirement of his body.

Why does a bodybuilder need to take care to meet the daily calorie requirements?

A bodybuilder can boast of an above average sculpted body. One glance is enough to notice beautifully outlined muscles. Their mass is definitely greater than that of a mere mortal. Muscles need much more energy than fat tissue, which will result in higher caloric demand for food in bodybuilders than in obese people. If a bodybuilder does not provide adequate food for the body, the effects of hard training will quickly go away. Muscles, in order to grow, need building blocks, and of excellent quality. When planning meals, you need to pay attention not only to the quantity of ingredients, but also to their quality.

Basic ingredients in a bodybuilder’s daily diet

As a rule, every man, regardless of whether he has aspirations to become a bodybuilder, or his adventure with training is rather sporadic, needs the same nutrients to function properly. The basic macronutrients of a daily diet include proteins, carbohydrates and fats. However the difference lies in the proportions of these elements. A bodybuilder concerned with building muscle mass will have a higher demand for protein than the average person. It is assumed that people focusing on muscle mass gain should take in about 2.5 g of protein per kilogram of their own weight.

What daily calorie requirements do bodybuilders have?

You do not have to be a nutritionist to come to the conclusion that the caloric needs of bodybuilders are considerable. Athletes, in order to cover them, must reach for very energetic food. The greater the muscle mass and the more intensive the training, the more calories should be consumed. One of the most famous bodybuilders of the old days is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who declared to meet his caloric needs at the level of 3825 calories per day. However, he is far from the record. For example: Phil Heath has a caloric requirement of 6400, and Hafthor Bjornsson eats meals each day that contain as much as 10 thousand kcal!

ways to calculate your calorie balance

By far the simplest. It can be divided into two “steps”:
1) you multiply…

Published by Personal Trainer Krzysztof Ogrodowczyk Vicego Polish Champion in Bodybuilding Sunday, March 29, 2015

Featured Photo: Marco Verch Professional Photographer / Flickr

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