L-tyrosine – an extra boost of energy for training in a bioavailable form

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L-tyrosine is a preparation that is increasingly sought after by lovers of physical activity. How does the popular compound work and why is it an excellent choice especially for gym-goers? Here’s everything you need to know about it! 

L-tyrosine – what is it?

Tyrosine, or rather L-tyrosine, belongs to the group of endogenous amino acids, which means that our body has the ability to make it on its own. A properly functioning body is therefore able to synthesize tyrosine from another amino acid, specifically phenylalanine. Nevertheless, supplementation of this compound is not at all unnecessary, as it is one of the most important amino acids, and its deficiency can be associated with a number of negative effects, such as weaker memory, mood deterioration and poor physical condition.

L-tyrosine in strength training – how does it work?

The most important property of L-tyrosine from the perspective of regular gym-goers is certainly its invaluable ability to offset fatigue – both physical and mental. Strength training in the long run can be truly exhausting if taken seriously. Chronic fatigue, on the other hand, can result in reduced levels of motivation, as well as a decline in cognitive function. In such a situation, not only the quality of our workouts will suffer, but also our health. It is tyrosine that rushes to help – the preparation relaxes the body and at the same time equips it with additional energy for action. In addition, the compound supports brain function and improves cognitive functions, such as focus and memory. Thanks to L-tyrosine, strength training will again become a pleasure and we will no longer have the feeling of wasted time at the gym. 

L-tyrosine not only for strength training

In addition to supporting those who work out at the gym, L-tyrosine also finds its use in weight loss diets. Anyone who has ever tried to lose a few excess pounds is surely aware that this can be a long and painful process. Weakness and fatigue in the body are the most common symptoms in people on a strict diet. Tyrosine – as is the case with weight training – will definitely support our body, and thus help us safely reduce weight without compromising our physical and mental health!

L-tyrosine is also responsible for elements such as… feeling pleasure or rapid tanning. The range of properties of this compound is very wide, so the answer to the question of whether it is worth supplementing is yes. Provided, of course, that we follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of a particular preparation.

L-tyrosine – dosage and side effects

The commonly recommended dose of L-tyrosine is 100 mg of the preparation for each kilogram of body weight, which seems a reasonable approach to the matter. The compound supplemented in just such amounts is completely safe. It is worth remembering to take it 3 times a day at regular times. On the market today we can find tyrosine in various forms – it comes as tablets, powder or capsules.

Among the side effects of using L-tyrosine are a sense of anxiety and anxiety. However, if we supplement it in the manufacturer’s recommended doses, nothing of the sort will certainly threaten us.

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