Phosphatidic acid – a proven supplement for muscle mass and better recovery

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Researchers from Milan have discovered an unusual substance – phosphatidic acid. The results of experiments confirmed that it increases the growth of lean body mass, and as a result, increases the strength of the person taking the new ingredient.

What is phosphatidic acid?

Phosphatidic acid (PA) is, in simplest terms, a compound of natural substances that was formed from the combination of glycerol molecules and phosphoric acid, as well as two other fatty acid molecules. 

It is considered to belong to the group of phospholipids, which are components responsible for building cell membranes, protecting cells from all sorts of damage, storing energy and transmitting signals in the body.

The acid’s leading property, which has won it such a large number of supporters, especially among athletes, is that it supports the growth of muscle mass. As a dietary supplement, it helps increase muscle performance, which directly leads to faster muscle growth. This is the reason why it is very often a supplement to creatine. 

What are the properties of PA?

Acids belonging to the phospholipid group have specific compounds that affect the body and increase in a short time e.g. muscle mass, strength growth, body regeneration, improve fat digestion, support vitamin absorption, they are even able to slow down collagen production in the liver. 

Muscle mass gain

However, we are primarily interested in the point we marked first. Phosphatidic acid may be of interest to athletes in particular due to its ability to stimulate the mTOR protein, which increases the efficiency of muscle anabolism, which in a short time allows you to increase body weight without obstructing body fat.

Increase muscle strength and endurance

Building muscle mass is one thing, but it’s not just about how muscles look. They have to perform specific functions, they have to be efficient. PA acid also develops this element of muscles. Their endurance is definitely increased, and as a result we are able to exercise more often, we gain strength, and the effects of intensive training will be visible in a disproportionately shorter time than usually assumed.

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