Why do bodybuilders like to supplement taurine?

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Taurine is an amino acid which influences energy levels, affects correct functioning of the body and accelerates the process of creatine absorption. This is one of the reasons why it is so readily taken by bodybuilders.

How does taurine work?

Taurine belongs to the group of biogenic sulphur amino acids. This means that its action is similar to that of insulin. In various processes in the body, taurine takes part in building immunity, preserving muscle tissue-building proteins, fighting harmful toxins and stimulating proper electrolyte balance. Scientists estimate that taurine is an amino acid that can be classified as conditionally essential in the human body. The substance is needed for proper functioning and can be produced independently by the body, but with high physical activity it must be supplemented. Taurine deficiency can lead to damage of some tissues, including muscle tissue. The variety of functions taurine performs in the body of an athlete makes it a desirable compound also for bodybuilders.

Positive effects of taurine

Taurine has no unambiguous anabolic effect, but due to its insulin-like properties it effectively stimulates glucose absorption. This means that its presence prolongs the body’s work during exercise and strengthens the structure of muscle tissue. It is a natural dietary supplement which allows you to undertake longer and more intensive workouts, as well as increasing the endurance and efficiency of the body during physical activity. Taurine also reduces the effects of catabolic processes, lowers the level of cholesterol, supports the functioning of the digestive system, ensures proper brain function, speeds up the process of regeneration after exercise, improves cognitive functions, has an antioxidant effect, protects against free radicals, and has a positive effect on memory. This amino acid is an essential element of creatine supplementation, because it helps the substance reach the muscle tissue directly and accelerates the process of absorption.

Taurine in bodybuilding

Taurine supplementation is recommended for physically active people, especially athletes involved in strength or endurance training. With an average exercise frequency (e.g. 3 times a week), the body is able to produce the necessary amount of the amino acid on its own. With more intensive exercise – and possible supplementation with creatine – supplementing taurine levels synthetically is essential. In bodybuilding, maintaining the correct level of taurine in the body is beneficial not only because of its glycaemic effect, but also because it speeds up metabolic processes, thus burning fat in a shorter time. The right dose of taurine, regular workouts and a balanced diet will significantly shorten the process of shaping the body of your dreams and emphasise your sculpted muscles. Taurine also prevents the reduction of proteins responsible for building skeletal muscle.

Taurine dosage

Taurine supplementation is completely safe for health, it does not adversely affect the work of the body and has no side effects. Possible excess of the substance is regularly removed by the kidneys. According to universal recommendations, the amino acid should be used daily in doses of up to three grams of the preparation. Regular taurine intake is particularly recommended for people under severe stress, as free radicals destroy muscle tissue as a result of nervous states. The effects of taurine include combating the effects of excessive stress and protecting muscle tissue. On the market, taurine is available in tablet, capsule or powder form. Special creatine supplements containing taurine are also becoming increasingly popular, so it’s worth reading the label of each product carefully.

Taurine is recommended for people who do intensive physical exercise ?

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