What should be included in a fitness club?

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What specifically should be in a fitness club is determined primarily by the profile of the specific club. These types of places differ in their offerings. Therefore, the choice of appropriate equipment for the fitness club is directly related to the form of activity that can be carried out in a given place. So what is the situation with the equipment necessary for the operation of this type of place?

Fitness club for what activities?

Modern fitness clubs are places where you can take care of your figure in many ways. Most often they offer group exercises such as traditional fitness, aerobics, zumba or spinning (cycling fitness). The latter, however, requires greater investment in stationary bikes dedicated to this type of activity.

There are also possible yoga or stretching classes. On top of that, fitness clubs are often also gyms with areas equipped with equipment for strength and aerobic training. That is, exercises that can be done individually or with a personal trainer.

Of course, not every fitness club has such a wide range of activities. Some specialize in a particular type of physical activity. However, regardless of what type of club we are dealing with, professional fitness club equipment will always be necessary for its functioning. What kind of equipment?

Fitness club equipment for group activities

For fitness clubs that offer group classes, fitness accessories will be essential. And while it is relatively cheap fitness club equipment, you need to take care of the quantity. So that there is enough of it for all exercise participants. What exactly should be in a fitness club organizing group classes such as fitness or aerobics? First of all, these will be:

  • exercise mats
  • steppes
  • dumbbells
  • gym balls
  • kettlebells
  • bands
  • rollers
  • medicine balls
  • skipping ropes

The accessories used in professional clubs must be made of high quality materials and be characterized by appropriate ergonomics, which will allow for comfortable exercise. Poor quality equipment will cause it to deteriorate quickly, and this is not in any way profitable.

Equipment in fitness club for individual exercises

Fitness clubs that also serve as traditional gyms should have both cardio exercise equipment and a free weights area. It is also worth taking care of devices and equipment for functional exercises. In the case of aerobic machines such a basis are:

  • treadmills
  • stationary bikes
  • elliptical machines (orbiters)

The equipment that should be found in the strength training area are:

  • machines with a stack
  • barbell press benches
  • dumbbells
  • barbells
  • grips and Olympic weights

As for functional training, the basis here are exercise bands, training ropes, fit bags, medicine balls, gymnastic wheels or weighted vests. The so-called gate (functional cage) is also extremely useful.

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