5 exercises you’ll love at the gym!

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Exercises that we can do in the gym are really many. You can successfully conduct aerobic and strength training, as well as functional training. Everything in one place, quickly, efficiently and conveniently, using professional equipment. However, the large amount of equipment can make you dizzy and confused. Especially when you are just starting to exercise at the gym. That’s why we come to help, recommending 5 gym exercises you’ll love!

1. Bench press

The barbell bench press is one of the most popular exercises performed at the gym. And this is also because to perform it you need professional gym equipment in the form of a bench with a barbell rack and the barbells themselves with different weights. Not everyone, even if he has the means, has enough space at home to spread out such equipment. By the way such equipment by its severity looks a little less attractive than standing in the corner of the room stationary bicycle. What is important, this exercise is really great for strengthening the upper body and it is worth including it in your training. Attention, queues like to form to the barbell bench!

2. Workout on an orbitrek

We started with strength training, but it is always a good idea to start with a warm-up, which can be done on an orbitool. This device will set our whole body in motion, because it engages practically all our muscles, at the same time putting little strain on our joints. That is why we say yes to orbitrek!

3. Dead pull

Everyone has probably heard about this exercise. And it is not without reason. It is one of the most engaging exercises, which forces all muscle groups to work. Admittedly, it requires proper technique and not everyone can perform it. The disqualification here are serious problems with the spine and joints. However, if we do not have such problems, it is really worth doing it. Dead pulls are usually performed with the use of barbells or kettlebells.

4. Running on a treadmill

For lovers of fitness training we recommend training on a treadmill. It is worth mentioning that treadmills in fitness clubs are professional gym equipment, which allows you to have an intensive but safe workout. It is not a run on asphalt, which puts a strain on your joints, but a run on a fully cushioned surface. Thanks to that running on a treadmill is much safer and does not expose us to dangerous injuries. That is why it is worth choosing a treadmill, especially in autumn and winter!

5. Hip thrusts

Just as barbell pressing is particularly popular among men, hip thrusts, or hip raises with a barbell (using a barbell bench as support for the upper body), are very popular among women. This exercise allows for a beautiful sculpting of the buttocks. Generally it also improves strength of the middle part of the body as such, and it is really worth to include it in your training plan. The more so as it is quite pleasant to perform.

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