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Is it possible to snack while on a diet adapted to training so as not to harm yourself? And is the word “snack” even appropriate in this situation? Snacks do not have to be unhealthy, although this is how they are most often associated with us. What’s more, they can be even… necessary. Why?

Not “snacking” but “replenishing energy”

The primary difference is primarily in our thinking. If we make the assumption that what we are doing is wrong, even if our body tells us otherwise, we will actually feel that way. It is worth remembering that if we train a lot and intensively, our body burns more. This means that our diet does not always have to be prepared to suddenly lose a lot of calories. This is a mistake because it is the post-workout meals that are particularly important in your daily menu. Healthy snacks do exist and it is good to divide them into those which are good before the workout and those which are best eaten after the workout. For inspiration, check out before…

Something to eat before the workout

How to describe the ideal pre-workout snack? Remember that it should not be too heavy – of course, you are going to exercise and you don’t want to feel heavy – but at the same time it should not be too low in calories. Before your workout, skip lunches that are full, as well as foods containing dairy products and probiotics. You should also avoid foods that contain a lot of fibre. What works as a pre-workout snack?

Carbohydrate boost

This is what you’ll need before your workout. It can be a fruit (for example, a banana), a glass of juice (for example, from an orange) or a milk and banana shake. You can also find carbohydrates in, for example, a slice of wholemeal bread or rice wafers with peanut butter and a banana.

Your own snack

If you’d like to make your own so that you don’t overpay, protein bars are a great option for a homemade pre-workout snack. Making them yourself is not complicated at all! You can easily find plenty of recipes online. Make sure they don’t contain any sugar – honey is a suitable sweetener for such bars. The mixture of oatmeal and nuts you bake in the oven, and then cut into portions convenient for you. Take bars can last a really long time, they bake briefly, and if you want a fresh batch, you can always make them again every few days, simply with fewer ingredients.

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Energy boost after strenuous exercise

What should be the best post workout snack? Feeling hungry in such a situation is something quite natural, so you should be prepared for it. In addition, post-workout glycogen loss in the muscles should be replenished, and protein consumption will facilitate the recovery and repair of your muscles. After your workout, you should not consume foods that are high in fat, as they slow down digestion. Carbohydrate snacks will work great after a workout, just like before a workout, but because of the higher protein requirement, you can add country cheese, for example.

Protein shakes

This is the most convenient solution for a quick snack after intense exercise. Why? Not only that you don’t really have to bother preparing it, but it also doesn’t contain unnecessary added fat and sugar. It is pure protein, which will help you regenerate your tired muscles.


This is another great way to quickly boost your energy levels. It’s just important to remember that eggs must be cooked! They’re a great source of protein, but also healthy fats, the perfect maintenance for your muscles.

Banana and peanut butter

This is a classic that needs no introduction to anyone. Why is this combination so great after a workout? The fruit provides a boost of carbohydrates and the peanut butter provides healthy fats. Nuts in unground form are also a great idea!

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