Headphones for running – which ones to choose?

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Running is one of the favorite physical activities of Poles. The surge of endorphins, movement in the fresh air and better condition – all advantages. During training it is worth using headphones. Music will allow you to cut off from reality and effectively maintain the pace of the race. But which headphones to choose?

Types of running headphones – transmission

Looking at the number of products available on the market, it is necessary first of all to determine the types of equipment available. The first criterion is the type of sound transmission offered by commercially available products.

The main dividing line in the case of running headphones are wireless and wired headphones. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, but this allows everyone to match the best headphones for themselves.

Wireless headphones

The special advantage of wireless headphones is, as the name suggests, the absence of a cable. Wireless running head phones allow you not to worry about the cable, which can get in the way in some situations during intense workouts.

You should pay attention to whether the wireless running headphones have a powerful battery. If you want to listen to music during longer runs, the length of battery life will be one of the key factors.

Built-in microphone for phone calls is an individual option depending on the user’s needs. The fit of the headphones is also an individual matter, but it is best to choose comfortable ones.

Wireless sports headphones should be chosen with a charging case, as the working time with your favorite music is then significantly increased, which is a very big plus.

Wired headphones

In wired headphones the bandwidth of sound is carried by a wire, which supporters of running have to hide somewhere or accept the fact that it can interfere during movement.

The undoubted advantage that wired headphones have is that there is no need for charging. We don’t have to worry about the battery running out in the middle of a long workout and having to come back without our favorite headphone sounds.

In addition to listening to music and controlling the volume, wired headphones, depending on the model, also have the ability to receive incoming calls and make calls during running workouts.

Types of Running Headphones – Construction

Running headphones can be divided into in-ear, on-ear and over-ear headphones. Choosing the right type of headphones depends on your preferences, but also on the anatomy of your ear.

Not everyone will like headphones, which in a way close the ear canal. In this case it is worth to check several models to choose the best headphones for running.

In-ear headphones

This type of headphones is used when you put them directly into your ear. Many people find them very comfortable and they do not take up much space. For this reason, they are recommended for active people.

Most in-ear headphones on the market connect to your phone or player via Bluetooth, or a cable. A significant number of earphones do not have active noise cancellation or True Wireless.

Such models include a microphone and a variety of connectors so you can fit the headphones to your device without the need for adapters.

On-ear headphones

Much larger than dock or in-ear headphones. They cover the whole ear and have a characteristic headband that connects the two shells. On one hand they take up more space but on the other hand according to many users they have better sound quality.

You can find good in-ear headphones equally when you are interested in wireless connection (usually Bluetooth) and when you expect connection by cable.

Volume control and built-in microphone are usually standard, but as with in-ear headphones True Wireless and active noise cancellation are found in a minority of headphones.

In-ear headphones

The most numerous group on the market when it comes to sports headphones. They provide a good grip in the ear if the user does not have a narrow ear canal. The aspect of good grip during physical activity is most useful when we run in forest areas where we are exposed to greater shocks.

Connection to the phone via both Bluetooth and cable is widely available in the market. Additionally, volume control is on virtually every model.

As with previous models, ANC and True Wireless is more of an option found only in some models.

What to look for when choosing headphones for running?

After analyzing the transmission methods and the design of the headphones, everyone should have an initial idea of what sports headphones might be right for them. Wireless running headphones, should be able to pass through ambient sounds and outside noises to keep the runner safe.

If you opt for Bluetooth connectivity, then think about headphones that have a charging case. If there is additionally a fast charging option in the headphones, it will allow the headphones to last longer while running.

Equally in-ear headphones, on-ear running headphones and in-ear sports headphones have different color versions, and come in different sizes to fit the user.

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