The Brazilian Hulk has died – learn more about the man’s story

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In late July, the media reported the death of Valdir Segato. A famous bodybuilder who promoted his image on the TikTok platform. His activities were the cause of much discussion in the sports world. 

He was 55 years old and came from the Brazilian city of Ribeirao Preto. He gained popularity when he showed off his physique on TikTok – a big guy with unnatural muscle shapes. It soon became apparent that Valdir was addicted to a substance called synthol. 

Its effect is quite simple: it increases muscle girth. The problem is that it doesn’t naturally, for example, by increasing muscle mass production. Synthol causes inflammation in the muscles, artificially expanding them. The result is actually serious damage to health. 

One morning a man woke up with difficulty breathing. He notified his neighbors, who transported him to the hospital. He passed out at the reception desk. Doctors were unable to save the man. An autopsy revealed that Valdir died of a heart attack, one of the body’s possible reactions to oil consumption. Other risks include stroke and pulmonary artery obstruction.

main photo: Chaparro

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