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Positioning is one of the most important marketing activities on the Internet. It determines, among others, the amount of profits made by a given website, brand recognition in comparison with others or building a sense of trust by Internet users. It is dealt with by a national SEO company and this process consists in optimization of the website in terms of a particularly complex Google algorithm, which continuously calculates the position of each page and evaluates its usefulness in the context of a given key phrase. However, it should be remembered that even the best national SEO company does not know the Google algorithm completely, because it is secret. The best agencies, however, are the closest to understanding how it works and they prove it with their actions. The aim of the link building company is to achieve even the first position on Google list for preferred keywords.

A lot can be achieved through positioning…

Positioning not without reason is considered to be the most important marketing activity in the e-commerce industry – notes webmaster SEO Australia agency. 

Looking at the long-term effects of positioning, more important than sponsored articles or display advertising. In the process of positioning a positioner carries out a number of different stages:

  • SEO audit, the purpose of which is to precisely determine the current state of the website in terms of SEO,
  • on-site activities, which include, among others, actions consisting in modifying the source code, removing unnecessary plugins and extensions or adjusting UX and UI to the requirements of a specific target group,
  • off-site activities performed on third party websites. These include, above all, acquiring as many backlinks to our website as possible. In these activities the best support is offered by link building company

Meeting all these assumptions makes it possible for a positioned website to appear in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) even on the first position for less popular and overcrowded key phrases. As a rule, fresh sites, without positioning history, are at the very bottom of the list. The task of a national SEO company is to get from this position as high as possible. What are the benefits of this action?

  • Significantly higher earning potential due to more visits to the website,
  • easier sale in difficult trade branches,
  • much more trust from the internet user,
  • trouble-free establishment of new contacts with business partners,
  • and many others.

You can lose a lot on improper positioning

We already know what SEO is, but equally important is why you should outsource these activities to a good, trustworthy agency. It can be an agency generally dealing with SEO, a link building company, or a marketing agency that brings together teams that deal with the various stages of building the image of your business. Failure to perform any of the stages correctly will always result in some sanctions from Google.

As a webmaster from SEO Australia company points out – even a seemingly innocent loading of the website and server with many visual plugins can result in slower loading of the website, and thus increase the rejection rate and decrease the time spent on the website. The result is a worsening of the site’s position in the rankings, despite the seemingly much better visual design of the site. Sometimes, however, the penalties can be more severe, as in the case of SEOs who place backlinks to their sites on link farms or forums or blogs with very poor reputations in Google, the SEO Australia analyst points out. The result can be the complete exclusion of the site from Google.

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