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Are you in the process of complimenting your home gym? Or maybe you’re bored with your routine and need to try something new? Check out the training equipment that allows you to have more variety in your workouts, improves their effectiveness and helps you learn new types of exercises.

Your own equipment

A gym arranged at home guarantees independence and no queues. If you have free space, it’s worth investing in equipment instead of another ticket. Whatever the weather or pandemic, having your own gym will save you time and – in the long run – money. Moreover, excuses such as “I didn’t have time today”, “I don’t want to go to the gym” will stop counting.

The market offers equipment from different price ranges, thanks to which you can vary the forms of training and get the desired results faster. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your fitness or include new exercises in the rehabilitation process, a stationary bike can help. Working out at home can become even more enjoyable if you turn on your favorite TV show while you exercise. If you like to run, but don’t have a surface that’s good for your feet, or you’re discouraged by cold and rainy days, a treadmill with adjustable frequency is a good option. Or maybe you prefer a rowing ergometer, orbiter or escalator?

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Respiratory training

Properly performed breathing exercises allow to improve the quality of sleep, relax and oxygenate the body. It’s worth taking care of your respiratory muscles to improve your body’s physical performance. If you need a device that allows you to control the level of difficulty of respiratory training, try medical and sports trainers.

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The intensity of modern workout programs is constantly increasing. More and more attention is also being paid to proper post-workout recovery, both passive and active. Many people recommend electrostimulation as a way to improve blood supply to muscles and point to it as helpful for pain relief. Using electrical pulses, electrostimulation devices induce a muscle response similar to the contraction produced by strength training. You can find various models of electrostimulators here:

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