What to do to accelerate calf muscle growth?

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When you hear the phrase: calf muscle growth, you probably imagine Hulk’s legs, from which even louboutins can’t distract attention. Rest assured, this is a completely misguided trope, because working on calves involves years of sacrifice and murderous workouts, after which only sweat and tears are left to collect in jars


The appearance of our calves largely depends on genetics. This does not mean, however, that if you can grasp them with one hand, they will always be that way. You will constantly have to work on them to notice at least a slight difference, but eventually they will reach the size you dream of. Or rather look a little closer to your imagination. Fortunately, the sheer pleasure of exercise will compensate for the slow changes.

More, more, more

And yes, and no. It’s worth spending time exercising your calf muscles, but definitely less than training other body parts. Why? Because you train your calves with many different exercises that cannot be performed in isolation. For this reason, you should focus on increasing the number of repetitions in a series. However, you must not overdo it. The only thing that could come from doing hundreds of repetitions of the same exercise is pain and injury, but the point is to be able to train your calves for as long as possible. Twelve to twenty repetitions are enough, especially if the exercise is done correctly. There is also no point in spending all day training your calf muscles, as they are as thankless a part to train as your forearms. You exert them every day and they still stubbornly look pathetic. Since paying attention to your calves doesn’t work, you need to use a different tactic. Do one or two calf exercises during each workout and then focus on another body part. For example, your abdominals or triceps – you’re probably looking forward to the French press.

Good old exercises

You’re warmed up, your shoes are tied, and all the equipment in the gym has been checked to make sure it’s suitable for your specialized training, so it’s time to start sweating – within reason, of course. First a few exercises for different muscle parts, and then the grand entrance of the calves. What can you do with them to strengthen them and sculpt them nicely? Here all kinds of exercises in which you have to climb on your toes will work. Either sitting or standing. Climb up on your toes, hold for a few seconds (think of how the muscles in your calf tighten up beautifully) and lower. Perfect. Only 13-19 more repetitions like this

An interesting variation to this exercise can also be when your heels are allowed to come down below toe level. This gives the muscles more room to move. However, I do not recommend trying this on stairs


  • Working on your calf muscles is time-consuming.
  • It is impossible to significantly increase the calf muscles, so both ladies and gentlemen can safely work on this part of the body.
  • The calves are involved in many different exercises, so they should not be overworked
  • One or two series of about 12-20 repetitions concentrating only on your calves will be enough.
  • It is worth it to work out a little bit on them.

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Main photo: Pexels/pixabay.com

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