Health substitutes for sugar

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Sugar, especially white sugar is present in the diet of everyone, even the healthiest of people. In itself sugar is not bad or harmful, it is a necessary source of energy and adds pleasure in life. The problem begins to be its excess, which is very difficult to avoid these days. Too much sugar in the diet leads to obesity, many diseases, including cancer, and bad mood. See what healthy sugar substitutes you can use to not lose the pleasure of eating sweets, but avoid the negative effects of excessive sugar consumption


One of the most popular sugar substitutes is xylitol. It is a substance extracted from birch bark – completely vegan and harmless to health. This substitute is sweeter than traditional sugar, which means you can use less of it and thus reduce your intake of sugary substances without sacrificing your diet and health. Xylitol is often used by people on the ketogenic diet, which involves the complete elimination of sugar from their food intake


This is a popular sweetener that has no negative health effects, however. Although it is a chemical compound, it is organic and completely safe. Erythrol is definitely healthier than white sugar, it is even considered as the healthiest sweetener. It is very often used as a sweetener in sweets. You can buy such sweet snacks at


Stevia is a plant found in Central and South America which is used as a popular substitute for sugar. Drinks, sauces and sweets sweetened with stevia are becoming increasingly popular. The plant is known for its health-promoting properties. Not only does it not raise blood sugar levels, but also lowers blood pressure, has antibacterial and antifungal properties, accelerates wound healing and soothes stomach problems


A long-standing substitute for sugar is honey. This sweet liquid produced by bees has a lot of beneficial health properties. It increases immunity, acts as a natural antibiotic, aids in the treatment of ulcers of the digestive system and inhibits the development of atherosclerosis. The big disadvantage of honey, however, is that it is not vegan, and its production and consumption contributes to reducing the population of these extremely necessary and beneficial insects

Maple/date/agave syrup

Syrups made from plants and fruits are a fantastic and vegan substitute for honey. You can use them to sweeten a variety of dishes, sauces, sweets and desserts, and drinks such as lemonade, for example. They are a healthier option when it comes to imparting flavor than white sugar. They are increasingly used in the food industry, especially in the production of sweets for children

Cane sugar

If you like sweet coffee, sweet, crunchy sprinkles on cakes or desserts, cane sugar is the lesser of two evils compared to white sugar. While it doesn’t have health-promoting properties like other substitutes, it’s still a healthier option than what you’d typically find in a sugar bowl. It has the advantage of being identical to regular sugar in texture, which can be important to some people

Health is very easy to lose and hard to regain. Ubiquitous in the composition of food products, white sugar is one of the reasons why obesity, diabetes and other serious diseases are increasingly common. Use its substitutes and take care of the condition of your body


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