How to make outdoor training more attractive?

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Training outdoors has many advantages. First of all, such exercises allow the body to oxygenate, besides, it is easy to diversify such training. But how to do it to get the most out of exercise?

Benefits of outdoor training

Exercising outdoors makes us able to better oxygenate the body, cardiovascular system and muscles. Another benefit is the sun providing your skin with vitamin D. It is responsible for building bones and also helps the absorption of calcium. In the open air it is better to perform both endurance and fitness training, as well as weight loss and strengthening. In the fresh air you can do almost everything, which means that exercises do not get boring too quickly.

Training in one place can cause us to not develop our entire body in a balanced enough way. Many people who exercise in the same way over and over again do not increase their muscular endurance, for example. It all depends on the nature of the workouts you do. We often spend most of our time indoors, at work behind a desk, so training outdoors is a good solution. We are not limited by an enclosed space and we can use any element of the environment.

Get on a bike

Every one of us has ridden at least once in his life. It’s the perfect way to spice up an outdoor workout. Any bike for men and women will do, but it’s important that it provides a comfortable riding position. For lovers of more difficult routes, a good solution will be mtb bikes, or mountain bikes, which combine the comfort of riding with adaptation to harder terrains. For beginners, on the other hand, electric bikes will be the best option, which will relieve them during the first trainings.

Outdoor gym

Often, such gyms are located in parks, so in an environment ideal for exercise. There is greenery all around, lots of free space and, importantly, equipment to train on. Most often you will find the same equipment in outdoor gyms.

The rowing machine is ideal for anyone who wants to strengthen the muscles of the lower and upper limbs, as well as the chest and abdomen. It also makes the lumbar region of the spine more flexible.

The orbiter is also popular and has a wide range of uses: it strengthens leg and arm muscles, as well as joints. It also improves overall fitness and physical condition of the whole body.

For people who want to work on their legs, a stepper will be good. It increases the strength of leg muscles, slims the buttocks and at the same time increases the efficiency of the cardiovascular system and the whole body.

At most outdoor gyms you can also meet with a foot press, which strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and lower limbs. In addition, exercising on it strengthens the joints, develops the quadriceps and improves circulation.

Walking or running

This is the simplest form of exercise in the open air. It is easy to add more variety to your workout by, for example, doing push-ups on a bench or pull-ups on handrails. Stairs are also useful for this. In fact, any place is good for a good workout. However, when running, remember to match the intensity to your body’s endurance. It is better not to try to run long distances if you have not run before.

Regular exercises

The same exercises that you can do at the gym or at home should also be done outdoors. It is about the simplest exercises, for example, sit-ups or push-ups. The very fact of doing them outdoors makes the workout better for your body. It is worth doing, among other things, alternating jumping jacks, squats, bench climbs or marches.

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