Weider’s Aerobic 6 – is it rightly considered the best way to strengthen and sculpt abdominal muscles?

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The Aerobic Weider 6 is commonly ranked as one of the top exercises to help sculpt the abdominal muscles. Despite a number of advantages, performing this workout may also be associated with some inconveniences. What should you know about the popular set of exercises?

Probably no workout is so controversial as the famous aerobic 6 Weider. Among physically active people we can find both its supporters and staunch opponents. Objectively speaking, Weider’s 6 – although effective – can also have a negative impact on our health

What is the Weider’s Aerobic 6?

Weider’s Aerobic 6 is an extremely demanding training plan, which involves as many as 42 days of continuous exercise. It does not include even one day of break – in many people this already turns on the red light. What is more, with every day the time of performing particular exercises is getting longer. Suffice it to say that in the final phase the whole thing can last up to 40 minutes! So as it is not difficult to notice, Weider’s 6 requires a huge dose of self-denial and regularity

Benefits of Aerobic Weider’s 6

One thing you can’t deny the workout developed by Canadian bodybuilder Joe Weider the result of practicing these six exercises every day is a stronger and more sculpted abdomen. Extremely spectacular effects will be visible primarily at the beginning of the adventure. This is undoubtedly influenced by the extraordinary intensity, thanks to which A6W in the early stages is a kind of developmental stimulus for our abdominal muscles. After three weeks with such a workout you can notice much more outlined muscles.

Aerobic 6 Weider – disadvantages

Despite its several obvious advantages aerobic 6 Weider can “boast” an even wider range of disadvantages. First of all, if you are counting on a smooth transition from “tire” to “radiator”, then for sure we will be bitterly disappointed. Satisfactory results will appear only if you first get rid of excess fat from the abdominal area. Weider’s Aerobic 6 does not contain even one exercise for burning fat – this training focuses only on muscle strengthening.

Another disadvantage of exercising according to the A6W scheme is its monotonous nature. Let’s face it – doing the same set for 42 days is not a dream of anyone who regularly practices physical activity. One of the most important features of a good workout is variety, which Weider’s six will not be able to provide us with. So the initial developmental stimulus can quickly turn into a feeling of stagnation.

The biggest disadvantage of practicing aerobic 6 Weider may turn out to be various health problems. The high intensity of the exercises performed may be associated with side effects such as back pain, muscle strain or even the development of an abdominal hernia.

Aerobic Weider 6 – summary

In summary, Weider’s Aerobic 6 commonly has a far better reputation than it should – especially considering the juxtaposition of its pros and cons. Can quick results in shaping abdominal muscles overshadow the numerous disadvantages? It depends only on ourselves.

Main photo: James Barr/unsplash.com

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