Can you train in the heat?

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Summer is getting hotter and hotter. Temperatures like in Africa are commonplace. Is it necessary to abandon strength training during such a period?

High temperatures and physical activity

The view of the sun outside the window makes you want to go out for a workout, however, a red light goes on in your head – after all, you hear so much about avoiding physical exertion at high temperatures. However, how can you give up sport for a few weeks, especially in summer when the day is longer and you have more time to complete your planned training unit? It is worth noting that high temperatures are not a disqualifying factor for training. However, activity on hot days should be conducted in such a way as not to harm yourself. Among other things, moderation in training and proper hydration of the body will be important.

How often should I exercise in hot weather?

Regardless of whether the heat is pouring from the sky or the air temperature oscillates around zero, when planning your workout, you should take into account the state of your health. Exercise, even moderate exercise, at high temperatures can be bad for people with cardiovascular problems. If you suffer from chronic diseases, any physical activity should be preceded by a medical consultation, where you will learn how high you can set the bar.

Special attention to your own well-being in hot weather should also be paid by objectively healthy people. The human body is designed in such a way that it sends signals when something disturbing begins to happen. Suddenly you have a headache or feel faint? You may have overexerted yourself. Stop your workout and get some rest. The higher the air temperature, the less strenuous the exercise should be.

What time of day to train in the summer?

You may hear from doctors that going to the beach around noon is not a good idea, and you may end up with sunstroke. A similar principle can be applied to exercise. To increase the level of safety when training with temperatures approaching the 30-degree mark on the thermometer, choose morning or evening hours when the air is still a pleasant temperature and the comfort of training is incomparably greater.

Remember to hydrate your body properly

Lack of proper hydration is one of the main sins of all people, not only those doing regular physical activity. It is worth sticking to the rule that the higher the temperature, the more fluids you need to take in. If you are planning an intensive outdoor workout, be sure to take a supply of water with you. Remember – water is important whether you’re going for a jog, hiking on a mountain trail or cycling out of town. In the summer, you sweat more, which makes the body excrete fluids faster. Feelings of thirst or dizziness are the first symptoms of dehydration. Do not underestimate them under any circumstances!

How should I dress for training on a hot day?

In addition to the rules for safe training in hot weather, which include planning low-intensity exercise and adequate hydration before and after training, it is also important to dress appropriately and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Even when it is very hot, try not to train without a shirt. This is the fastest way to sunburn, which can be so painful that it will eliminate you from training for several weeks. Choose sports clothes made of suitable materials that ensure proper air circulation. Then training will be much more pleasant. Also use sunscreen regularly – you will not only gain a nice tan, but also minimize the risk of dangerous complications resulting from excessive skin exposure to the sun.

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