You can break records in a mask too! A sensational result of the American in strength triathlon

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It turns out that sanitary restrictions around the world can not only hinder, but even motivate to achieve even better results. This week, Taylor Atwood, competing in the up to 74kg class, achieved a phenomenal result in powerlifting, despite the fact that he started all three competitions with a protective mask on his face that restricted the flow of air!

the 31-year-old American is an absolute dominator in his weight category. He is the current, two-time consecutive IPF world champion, six-time winner of the USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals and several-time world record holder in individual competitions. Suffice it to say that since making his professional debut in 2014, Atwood has competed in 15 major tournaments and triumphed in as many as 12 of them!

Now he has added another (albeit unofficial) world record in his crown discipline – powerlifting – to the rich list of achievements. In the dead lift he managed to lift a bagatelle 320 kg, in the squat he reached 293 kg, and in bench press he lacked only one kilogram to the barrier of 200 kg (during the trainings he had already pressed 205 kg – editor’s note). And all this with a protective mask on his face! The total result of 812 kg is even more impressive because so far no competitor weighing less than 74 kg has managed to even cross the 0.8 tonne mark.

“I felt I could lift anything. I felt great and had no moments of weakness. Thank you again for your support – it’s a great feeling to be someone who continues to push his limits. If you combine mind, body and spirit, amazing things can happen.” – a happy Atwood wrote on Instagram.

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Squat: 293kg/645.9lb Bench: 199kg/438.7lb Deadlift: 320kg/705.4lb Total: 812kg/1790.1lb BW: 73.7kg/162.4lb Had an amazing performance yesterday at a phenomenally run meet. @genopowerlifting went full savage mode on the mic and got the crowd hyped as hell. For a local meet, it sure did not feel like it. The crowd was absolutely nutty. Thank you to anyone that was there shouting and rooting for me. I’ll write a sappy post later, but wanted to give you some insight into the meet. Squats were flying, so decided to be conservative and go for an unofficial world record of 293kg, crushed it. Bench was moving okay, but had been training on a fat pad and they add some kilos to your bench, so be cognizant of training on one versus an Eleiko. Was aiming for 200kg on bench, but called 199kg and I honestly didn’t have another kilo in the tank (pat on the back lol). Deadlifts….mann. Absolutely insane progress. 1st and 2nd attempts moved really well and decided to go with 320kg as that was the “A” attempt. Crushed it. Honestly, I felt like I could pull anything. Overall, felt great and had no hiccups through the meet. Thank you again for the support and it feels great to be the one continuing to push the boundries for others. If you combine mind, body, and spirit, amazing things can happen. ✌️?? #TheStrengthGuys #SBDApparel #BetterThanYesterday

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Famous for his great ambition and determination, the U.S. representative has already announced that he will consistently strive to improve his results, and his preparations can be followed online, where Atwood is happy to give advice and reveal the secrets of his technique.

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