Power up! How to use SEO in the promotion of a gym or fitness club?

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If you own or operate a gym, it’s important to understand how search engine optimization works in your favor, especially if you want to attract and retain clients in your area. There are several local strategies that can help you make the most of local searches and improve your online visibility. These five tips will help you start optimizing your gym’s local SEO right away!

What is a local SEO strategy? Who should use it?

Local SEO is a strategy that businesses use to optimize their online presence for local searches. This is especially important for businesses that serve a specific geographic area, like a gym or fitness club. 

When you have your website optimized for local searches, people will be able to find your business even if they don’t know the exact address or name of the location. A lot of people find it easier and more convenient to search by city than by address. You’ll also be able to boost your rankings in search engines and get more traffic with this type of optimization. 

Five tips to improve your local visibility 

Google My Business page

Optimize your Google My Business page. This is one of the most important local strategies for any business, and it’s especially important for gyms and fitness clubs. Make sure your e-card is accurate and up-to-date, and that your business hours are correct. You should also add photos, a description of your business, and links to your website and social media profiles.  Review your page regularly for new information and respond to reviews if necessary. 

Use schema markup

Schema markup is code that you can add to your website to help search engines understand your content. Adding schema markup to your gym’s website can help you appear in more relevant search results, and can also help your customers find the information they need more easily.

Structured data helps create a clear outline of the information on your page while rich snippets make it easier for people to see important details at a glance. You should always use both of these types of schemas on your website as it will give you better search rankings and make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for! 

Create social media profiles

Creating social media profiles is one of the first and most important steps in local strategy. Social media gives you a way to have an online presence outside of your website, which allows you to easily reach out to new potential customers. Start by choosing what platforms are best suited for your target audience: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. 

Publish your events

If you want to attract new members and keep your current ones coming back, make sure your gym’s events are easy to find online. When someone searches for fitness classes near me or boot camp near me, it can be hard to figure out which places offer what services, so provide a calendar of upcoming classes or boot camps on your website. Make sure the description of each event includes information about time, location, cost, and what type of people the event is appropriate for – it will help people know whether they’re interested in attending before they click on the link.

Write a blog or email newsletter

As a gym owner, you know that attracting new members is essential to keeping your business afloat. But how do you get people in the door if they don’t even know your gym exists? That’s where local SEO comes in. A good solution is to run a blog on sports, fitness, and lifestyle to bring the topic closer to your audience. It’s also worth thinking about a personalized newsletter. One way to send it out would be by sending it every Friday morning, which gives clients a chance to plan their week of workouts. Another option would be an email blast with content specifically tailored to the needs of your target audience.

Get reviews

One of the most important local SEO ranking factors is online reviews from sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Make it easy for your customers to leave reviews by setting up links on your website and sending follow-up emails after their visit. Encourage them to use these review sites by offering incentives such as a free month of membership or a coupon code.

To sum up

If you want your gym to be visible to potential customers in your area, you need to make sure your local SEO is on point. Work with the Google My Business team to get the most out of this free tool. Participate in online conversations about fitness and health topics relevant to your industry or business type. Pay attention to the customer reviews on your site as well as any reviews that are posted online and work with any customer who has given feedback. If you’re looking to improve your gym’s SEO services Scotland, working with an agency is a great place to start.

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