20 barbell squats in under a minute – an incredible feat by an American triathlete!

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Kevin Oak is famous for his unconventional training methods, and his creativity knows no bounds. This month, the world’s leading triathlete decided to check how many squats with 230 kg barbell on his neck he can do in… one minute. one minute. New Yorker’s counter stopped at an impressive 20 repetitions!

Kevin Oak – positively twisted king of squats

Kevin Oak is one of the most prominent barbell squ at specialists in weight category up to 110 kg. the 35-year-old American is the current world record-holder in RAW formula, that means without the use of any additional equipment. During last year’s prestigious Hybrid Showdown II competition organized by WRPF he achieved a phenomenal result of 390 kg.

For several months Oak has been preparing for his first official start in the new season and I have to admit that his form is already impressive. However, the former sprinter believes he can do even better. And while he’s still trying to improve, he doesn’t forget to have fun during training. Recently he came up with an unusual idea to perform as many squats as possible in 60 seconds with a load of 505 lbs (about 230 kg). In a lightning-fast series lasting less than a minute he managed to complete as many as 20 full repetitions!

How does Kevin Oak train?

The Dix Hills native is trying to gradually increase the load in order to set new records in the future. This week he even managed to squat with a 750 lbs (340 kg) barbell – his heaviest weight since returning from a quadriceps injury. In addition to the classic exercises for all three powerlifting competitions, Kevin Oak varies his workouts with different types of push-ups (including on dumbbells and handrails), pull-ups, exercises with kettlebells or on machines.

Featured photo: Brad Neathery / unsplash.com

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