Overhand and underhand – how to row barbells correctly

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Rowing a barbell in a push-up or pull-down position is an extremely effective exercise for the muscles of the back. It involves both the quadriceps, as well as the widest back muscle, pectoralis major and auxiliary muscles. How to perform this exercise correctly?

Rowing with a barbell in a fall

Rowing with a barbell in the fall is an exercise that engages the muscles of the back, legs, arms and abdomen. It is ideal for those who want to burn a lot of calories. Rowing with a barbell allows you to effectively build the muscles of the upper back. What is more, the bending of the trunk, performed then, contributes to strengthening the posterior chain of the silhouette and supporting its stabilization. Exercises with barbells can be performed in two ways – with an overhand or underhand grip.

How should the correct technique of barbell rowing in the fall look like?

The initial position is as follows: feet are placed evenly at hip width, pressing them firmly to the ground. Tighten the buttocks and stabilize the pelvis. Keep your head straight. Every tilt up or down strains the spine and causes a loss of strength. Tighten the shoulder blades and rotate the shoulders. This way, we engage back muscles. The bend is performed by pushing the hips back and slightly bending the knees. The spine line must be straight. Descend to half the distance between the upright posture and the slump forming a right angle between the spine and the legs. The knees, on the other hand, must extend slightly outward and be slightly bent – they will then relieve pressure on the lower spine.

The next stage is choosing the right grip (more information on this later in this article). The key issue here is the correct phase of straightening up with the barbell. Lifting it from the ground, we perform a deadlift. Then we stop at the top, bend over, return to the trunk fall position, and perform repetitions. After completing the series we put the barbell on the ground, remembering not to hunch.

Rowing with a barbell – with a grip or pull-up?

Many people ask themselves which version to choose – barbell rowing with an overhand or underhand? When it comes to the grip, the exercise is performed in the following way: first, you approach the barbell and catch it with your hands from above in such a way that the fingers are pointing down, and the thumb – put down. A very important issue here is the width of the grip. A narrow one, i.e. approximately at the shoulder height, effectively activates the back widest muscle.

Rowing with a barbell with a wide grip is a solution for people who want to enlarge their back. Performing the lift with a wide grip, we activate the back muscles to the greatest extent. It is best to grab the barbell at shoulder width – then all the muscles will be evenly engaged in the work. During the grip, remember to screw your hands into the barbell so that your elbows are close to each other. This will allow the back muscles to be properly and strongly activated. While rowing with a barbell on a grip, the following muscles are working: dorsiflexus maximus muscle, quadriceps, parallelogram, greater oblius muscle and posterior latissimus muscle.

How should I do the barbell rowing by under hold? We approach the barbell and grab it from the bottom, with fingers pointing up, putting the thumb on top. The next steps are here the same as in the case of rowing by grasp. While performing this exercise, we work the broad back muscle, quadriceps and greater oblius muscle.

Breathing is extremely important during rowing. The barbell should be brought closer to itself on exhalation and lowered on inhalation. This ensures proper blood circulation.

Featured photo: Logan Weaver / unsplash.com

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