The best chests in world bodybuilding (top 10 ranking)

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Since Joe Weider bodybuilding almost on the first place put developed chest muscles. Here is a ranking of those athletes who have achieved true mastery in training this body part!

10. Gary Strydom

Bodybuilder from South Africa, who at the age of only 20 years took 1000 dollars in his pocket and went to the West. After long and exhausting trainings he finally achieved his goal – he became one of the best bodybuilders in the world, even competed in the Olympics several times

9. Markus Ruhl

This medium height German (178 centimeters) is a real fighter from flesh and blood. He started training at the age of 19 and very soon he started to be recognized on the bodybuilding scene thanks to his impressive muscle mass, which gave him the nickname “German Beast”. Probably he is the fighter with the biggest mass on the platform of bodybuilding

8. Serge Nubret

Also called the Black Panther. Winner of many prestigious awards in the field of bodybuilding such as IFBB Mr. Europe or NABBA Mr. Universe. His body is not only a bodybuilders dream, but almost animate “David” of Michelangelo.

7. Piotr Borecki

Seventh place in our ranking is taken by Piotr Borecki, who became famous for his natural and beautiful silhouette. He is considered a real phenomenon in the world!

6. Patrick Moore

We are approaching the middle of our list. The sixth place is occupied by a multiple favorite of Arnold Classic 2020. Patrick Moore is not only distinguished by a great chest, but his entire silhouette can be set as a role model. He is often mentioned as an example of return to the golden era of bodybuilding.

5. Branch Warren

Halfway reached the American champion with the nickname Quadrasaurus Flex. His chest has already passed into legend, its photos are known to almost every sports enthusiast, and the trend that Warren unknowingly started, nowadays occupies all those exercising who dream at least of stringy arms

4. Nasser El Sonbaty

Almost on the podium was the world champion bodybuilder, known for his size – body height and muscle size. In the mid-1990s, when El Sonbaty’s golden period lasted, his physique was considered almost ideal.

3. Franco Columbu

Bodybuilding icon – he was in the company of such legends as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone. A two-time Mr. Olympia, he is also a triathlete and a film producer and actor. In 2019, he drowned due to a heart attack

2. Ronnie Coleman

Widely regarded as one of the best bodybuilders of all time. He was a police officer by profession, and the circumference of his chest was as much as one and a half meters!

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

First place in the ranking goes to a true living legend, icon and probably the most famous face of bodybuilding. He deserves the victory not only for his great contribution to the development of the discipline, expansion of the circle of recipients, but also for perhaps the best physique in the history of bodybuilding, to which we still return with longing. Schwarzenegger’s times are called the golden era of the sport.

Source: Gorak

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