Interval strength training – what should it look like?

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Exercising in two phases produces better results, improves respiratory capacity, and helps develop overall fitness and endurance. We are of course talking about interval training!

What does interval training look like?

Interval training consists of two parts. The first is moderate level exercise with less load and at a slower pace. In the second part, the athlete performs an intense phase, in which they exercise at their maximum capacity and with a heavier load on the muscles. Beginners should primarily focus on the technique of performing individual movements rather than the number of repetitions. Safety is the most important thing during interval training, so do not overload your body at any cost.

When extending the training with a series of interval exercises, it is worth taking advantage of the personal trainer’s care, who will ensure that the elements performed are correct and that the athlete’s physical abilities are not strained. It is the correct technique and not the number of repetitions that affects the effectiveness of training, and also reduces the risk of painful injuries or trauma.

Interval training is designed for people who want to burn as much tissue as possible in a short period of time….

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How to implement the training plan?

Standard interval training should last a maximum of 40 minutes. This time also includes warm-up and stretching after the workout. The actual part of the class consists of several rounds divided into intense and moderate exercises. In the moderate part, the number of repetitions can be higher. We can do one minute of intense training and one minute of moderate training. It all depends on the individual preferences of the athlete. In the intensive part the time of performing exercises should be comparable to the previous series. The workout can be performed in 1+1, 2+2, 3+3 or 4+4 system. At the beginning the alternating series should be closed in 3 sets, after which there should be a break of several minutes. During the rest time you can rehydrate your body, eat a snack or do some jogging in place.

What exercises can be performed during interval training?

Interval training exercises have the advantage that they can be performed during any workout. Intervals will work great for running, swimming, cycling, weight training or visiting a health club. Each exercise can be performed with increased commitment and increasing load. When it comes to strength training, interval series most often include exercises such as barbell raises, barbell squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and barbell presses. Beginners who need a lighter load during strength training can follow the training plan by doing push-ups, squats, sit-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks or crate climbs. Stationary cycling or running on a treadmill will also work well.

What are the benefits of interval strength training?

Exercises performed in interval series in themselves increase the effectiveness of training. They push the limits of the athlete’s body and encourage it to work further and more intensively. In the case of strength training, additional stimuli reach all involved muscle parts. For this reason it is worth taking care to prepare such exercises which will have a comprehensive effect on the body. In addition, strength interval training improves respiratory fitness, increases range of motion, improves athletic performance, expands the traditional model of physical activity, and helps to evenly distribute the load throughout the body. If training is to be effective, it must be combined with a well-balanced diet and time for recovery.

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