Schwarzenegger skeptical of modern bodybuilding. He thinks it can sometimes kill!

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Until judges stop promoting people without necks, with oversized shoulders, bodybuilding will not change, says Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

In the pursuit of winning the Mr. Olympia title, more and more often competitors do not care about a beautiful figure. Their goal is to gain maximum muscle mass, disregarding the so-called classical aesthetics – proportional and subtle. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger criticizes bodybuilding

The famous bodybuilder, actor and politician points out that promoting simply overgrown people at competitions is an inappropriate policy that does far more harm than good to the sport. Competitors are ready to reach for various boosters that can even lead them to a visit to the intensive care unit. 

Schwarzenegger cites that of Cedric Mcmillan or Steve Reeves as examples of silhouettes that should win. However, it is important to distinguish the weight category. In modern heavyweight bodybuilding, it is indeed the Ronnie Coleman-type silhouettes that dominate. However, in the lower categories, it is Chris “Cbum” Bumstead who has held the top spot for years.

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