What should beginner bodybuilders avoid?

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Sport is health, but improperly performed exercises in the gym can be associated with a whole range of negative consequences. What mistakes should beginner bodybuilding enthusiasts avoid?


The beginning of the adventure with a new passion is very often associated with unhealthy excitement, which in the long run can prove disastrous. Young trainee bodybuilders are usually focused on the fastest possible results, which results in excessive haste – which in turn leads to making hasty and wrong decisions.

Beginners should therefore remember that Krakow was not built in an instant. All exercises performed must be tailored to the individual needs of the athlete, while their intensity is best increased gradually. The other side of the coin is that impatience can lead to reaching for prohibited and risky measures, which negatively affect the body of the exerciser. If you want to progress regularly, calmness and a healthy approach are key!

Skipping the warm-up

It is well known that the warm-up is an integral stage of safe training – without it, the bodybuilder is at risk of various injuries. Despite this knowledge, many people continue to underestimate the importance of the warm-up and perform it on holidays or, worse, do not perform it at all. The consequences of this approach can be really uninteresting, and as a result, you should consider incorporating a warm-up into your routine plan. This way we will minimize the risk of injury, and the warm-up will become a good habit of ours. It’s worth remembering that it doesn’t have to be particularly elaborate – 10 minutes of running or stationary cycling is perfectly sufficient. After such a moderate effort, the body will be in readiness for training, while the muscles will receive better blood circulation and will be even more engaged in the exercise.

Unsystematicity and inaccuracy

Other problems that beginner bodybuilders often face. Many exercisers have a straw enthusiasm and after a few weeks of intensive training they get tired of the material. In practice, this means skipping workouts or performing exercises inaccurately, and in this way you will never achieve your dream results. Bodybuilders should remember that a temporary loss of motivation is perfectly normal, but it must not significantly affect the quality of the exercises performed. All movements must be performed in such a way that technical errors do not creep in.

As for systematicity, there is nothing wrong with abandoning one workout in favor of rest – provided that such a situation is not repeated indefinitely.

Ignoring the advice of trainers

At the beginning of the bodybuilding adventure, we will certainly need the guidance of more experienced people. Asking questions is no shame, after all, he who asks, does not err. However, a common mistake made by beginner bodybuilders is not to follow the advice of trainers, which is due to the belief in their own infallibility. It is not worth going down this road – trainers with years of experience simply know better than a person who has been bodybuilding for a few months. Listening to and taking the advice of specialists actually pays off regardless of your level.

main photo: unsplash.com/Anastase Maragos

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