How do I choose the correct load during training?

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Proper selection of the training load has a significant impact on the effectiveness of strength training. How to match it to the level of advancement and the goal we want to achieve? In today’s article we present a handful of key information related to this issue.

Load selection – tips for beginners

How to match the load to the workout? It’s impossible to answer this question unequivocally. It depends on a number of factors such as your experience and training goals. A different load will work well for people whose priority is to increase muscle strength and power, while others for those who want to develop muscles. Beginners should focus on such a selection of weights that will allow them to make safe and smooth progress in gaining both power and strength.

People who are just beginning their adventure with training at the gym, for the first two weeks should focus on exercises with a low load that allows you to perform 15 repetitions without excessive fatigue. The most important issue at this stage is to master the correct technique of performing particular exercises. Too much load can make it difficult to learn the correct movements, as well as the proper muscle tensing and breathing. At the next stage you can move on to gradually increasing the load.

The so-called Full Body Workout or Pyramid Training is recommended for beginners. The first one is strength training aimed at strengthening all muscle parts during one training session. The second one is based on lifting weights in six series, where in each series we gradually increase the load. This allows you to gradually and safely increase the difficulty of individual exercises without fear of injury.

How to calculate the maximum weight (CM)

The CM parameter refers to the value of the weight that a given person is able to lift once. The maximum weight will be necessary to calculate the load during pyramid training and during individual training cycles. Several different methods are used here, and a maximum weight calculator can be helpful.

One of them is that you lift a heavy weight from 2 to 8 times and then multiply its weight by a number that corresponds to the number of repetitions performed. It is important to realize here that this is only a theoretical way of calculating the maximum weight. In order to get the most authoritative result possible, it is necessary to break your personal record in weightlifting.

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How to adjust the load depending on the training goal?

People who are a bit more advanced should train according to the so-called intervals, where they perform only those exercises that are geared towards one specific goal, such as for example increasing muscular endurance or building mass. Each of the goals will require a separate load. It should be remembered here that it is not advisable to train with a weight that is less than 50% of the CM. Such exercises in the vast majority of cases do not bring any results.

People who care a lot about increasing their muscle strength should train with CM at the level of 80-95%. When our priority is to rapidly increase muscle mass, the recommended CM is 60-80%. When we aim to improve muscle endurance, we should exercise with a CM of about 50-60%. And if we want to sculpt muscles, we should train with a CM between 50 and 70%.

When are we dealing with the optimal weight?

How do you know when the weight you’ve chosen is the right one? As the general rule says, it is well-chosen when, after performing the entire series of a particular exercise, we feel fatigue making it impossible to do the next repetition in a technically correct way.

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