Types of push-ups for chest expansion

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Push-ups are one of the best exercises for developing chest muscles. Systematic training allows you to see results after just a few weeks. Moreover, they can be performed without any equipment, in home conditions. What are the types of push-ups and how do they work?

Types of push-ups to develop chest muscles

Push-ups are an exercise that belongs to the golden seven of every training plan. This term is used for exercises that are best for the development of many muscle parts, and there is no need to use specialized equipment. Training is based only on your own body weight, so anyone can do it. According to many experts push-ups and a large number of repetitions is an indicator of strength and physical fitness of a person. They have a great influence on chest muscles, but while performing the exercise also work other parts of the body.

Push-ups have many variations, so you can diversify your training unit and provide new stimuli for the development of your muscles. The most popular types of push-ups include:

classic push-ups – your arms are spread shoulder width apart, your body rests on your hands, and your legs rest on your toes;

diamond push-ups – are difficult to perform and require some experience and strength, while performing this type of push-ups the hands must be positioned in such a way that the thumbs and index fingers touch each other;

– push-upsin knee support – a much easier version of classic push-ups, in which instead of resting the legs on the toes, they are resting on the knees, often referred to as ladies’ push-ups;

– push-upswith arms wide apart – depending on the width of the spacing, the arms can be either slightly bent at the elbows or completely straight. This is an extreme type of push-up that few can perform;

– push-upswith hands placed at the hips – hands are placed at the hip level, which means that in addition to great strength, proper balance is also required;

– push-upson an elevated platform – hands are placed on an elevated platform, usually on a bench, and feet are on the floor;

– push-upswith head down – the opposite position than in the case of push-ups on a raised platform;

– push-upsin standing on hands – just standing on hands is a difficult task for many people, and to perform this push-up requires great strength of shoulders and shoulder muscles; at the beginning it is worth to take care of supporting legs;

– push-upsagainst a wall – definitely one of the easiest varieties of push-ups, they are performed standing and leaning against a wall with hands in a slight incline.

As you can see, there are many combinations of this exercise and in fact you can easily use them during your workout. This will make us take care of comprehensive development of every muscle fiber in the chest. In addition, shoulders, back and deep muscles (so-called core) will work at this.

Push-ups on handles

Push-ups on handles is a very interesting variation of this exercise. It not only adds variety to your workout, but also increases the level of intensity. Thanks to the use of handles, you can perform a deeper push-up, and most importantly, they do not limit in any way the performance of various combinations of this exercise. Grips are a handy piece of equipment to keep around the house, as they don’t take up too much space, and on top of that, you can take them with you for an outdoor workout.

What muscle parts do push-ups work?

Push-ups are a versatile exercise that uses your own body weight to work. Studies show that they are extremely effective in building fitness, strength and endurance. Their effectiveness is at a very high level, and they have the best effect on the chest muscles. In addition, when performing push-ups, the workout also involves the shoulder muscles, shoulders, back, abdomen, legs and deep muscles, which are mainly responsible for stabilization.

Will you do 10?
the push-up is something everyone tries to do. It is one of the most performed exercises by all amateurs…

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