Exercises to strengthen arm muscles

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Are you dreaming of a beautiful figure and firm, muscular arms? Exercises to strengthen your arm muscles are a great way to improve your shape and get rid of “butterflies”, or sagging skin. See what exercises work best for you.

When done correctly, shoulder exercises will not only make your arms more muscular and therefore look better. Trained shoulder muscles help in everyday life, as they work the most when carrying various objects. Some shoulder exercises also engage the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle, making the figure more upright.


This is an exercise that will help strengthen your shoulder and back muscles. Pulling up on a bar will strengthen the body, improve its endurance and benefit muscle development. The best bar for this will be an adjustable extension bar, which can easily be mounted in any door frame. Such an exercise device has an adjustable length, so it will fit all doors.

To exercise the muscles of the arms by pulling up on the bar, you need to grasp it with an underhand grip, that is, point the hands on the bar in your direction. Such pull-ups cause rapid development of biceps muscles and strengthen their strength.

A properly performed pull-up on a bar looks as follows:

– grasp the bar with a shoulder-width underhand grip

– push your chest forward, tense the muscles of your buttocks and abdomen

– start pulling your trunk up

– when your chin is above the bar, hold this movement for a while and then lower your trunk.


This is nothing but a popular rowing machine. This machine is used to perform movements that mimic real rowing. Exercises on a rower engage almost all muscle groups. To build up the arm muscles, you should increase the resistance on the machine and focus on the accuracy of the exercise and the number of pull-ups. The more resistance you set, the more intensely your body works.

Ergometers are good for both beginners and more advanced exercisers. However, it is very important to perform the exercises correctly, because only in this way can you achieve the desired results.

Barbells and dumbbells

Exercises with barbells are one of the most basic and popular when it comes to strengthening arm muscles. There are different ways to exercise with barbells and dumbbells, for example: bending forearms with barbells / dumbbells or exercises on a bench with lifting them.

Exercises at home

There is a group of exercises that allow you to exercise without additional equipment, at home. These include:

– push-ups – one of the most popular and also effective exercises that strengthen arm muscles.

– wall push-ups. To perform this exercise, stand one step away from a wall and lean on it. Tighten your biceps and slowly push your body against the wall, alternately flexing and extending your arms.

– arm bending with a weight. Instead of dumbbells, you can use bottles of water, for example. Alternately bend your arms with the load.

– arm raises. Similar to the exercise above, but slightly more difficult. Stand with your legs apart, bend your knees slightly and raise your arms, bent at the elbows, with a load and straighten them over your head.

Remember to warm up before each exercise and to stretch and relax your muscles afterwards. This will help prevent muscle and joint pain, besides, this way your muscle flexibility will increase. Also, don’t forget that with any workout the most important thing is regularity.

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