What are the effects of proper dumbbell rowing?

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Dumbbell rowing is an exercise that can be performed in several variations, and it works well for muscle development during strength training.

What are the benefits of dumbbell rowing?

Dumbbell rowing is an exercise included in the strength training, included in the multi-joint group. This means that during its performance several muscle groups are involved. Particularly stimulated are the muscles of hands and back, on which the greatest load is placed. In different variants of rowing with dumbbells other muscles may be attached to the exercise, but these two parts will be involved in each of them. When performing rowing, the muscles of the back, the greater obliquus muscle, the quadriceps or the accessory muscle tissues are activated. The benefits of the exercise include the development of the back muscles, body shaping, improving posture, significant strengthening of the back muscles, involvement in the work of several muscle groups at the same time, ease of execution, and the ability to adjust the load to the capabilities of the athlete. Exercise, even in different variations, does not require professional equipment, physical preparation or care of a personal trainer.

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Dumbbell rowing – technique

As with other strength exercises, dumbbell rowing is based mainly on proper technique and ability to maintain correct position. Therefore, the exercise should be performed in the initial phase of training in order to fully control the course of the entire rowing. In addition to technique, the force that lifts the dumbbells is also important. However, the load itself can be changed and adjusted to the individual capabilities of the athlete, so it is not the most important element. According to specialists, rowing with dumbbells gives the best results with a higher load and fewer repetitions. Focusing on the correct technique, it is important to ensure that when pulling the weight, the back is straight, the torso is bent, the shoulder blades are pulled together and the elbows are bent. Different variations require slightly different body alignment, but the general technical principles are very similar.

Rowing using an incline bench

The starting position of this exercise is based on the correct positioning of the body on the bench. At an angle of about 45 degrees, it should be entirely on the bench. Only the feet remain on the ground, which clasp the ground, blocking any possible movement of the body. The head should be in a straight line with the back, the arms should be straight. Dumbbells are held with a natural grip and simultaneously draw both hands together. Exercises should be performed slowly and calmly, while controlling the alignment of the rest of the body. To increase the effect, you can tighten all the muscles that are not actively involved in lifting dumbbells, including the legs and buttocks.

Rowing on a bench

This exercise can also be performed using a straight bench. In this case, the hands that lift the dumbbells are used alternately, because one hand rests on the bench. This variant of rowing with dumbbells develops and strengthens not only the muscles of the back, but also the chest. In addition, during this exercise you can lift the opposite leg and practice the ability to maintain the correct position and balance while performing the movement.

Rowing in a trunk fall

To perform this variant of the exercise you need only dumbbells. Rowing is started from an upright position. While pulling the dumbbells, gently bend the legs and straighten the body perpendicular to the ground. The spine, head and buttocks should be in a straight line. Bent elbows with dumbbells should be slowly lifted up, momentarily stopping them at the hip height. During this type of rowing, the shoulder blades should be as close to the spine as possible, and air should be exhaled only while slowly lowering the dumbbells to the starting position.

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