Why exercise with a gym ball?

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Exercising with a gym ball strengthens the major muscle parts. It’s a good workout idea for everyone, regardless of age.

One ball – many possibilities

A gym ball is a piece of exercise equipment that many people steer clear of. There are many reasons for this, but the most important ones include lack of knowledge regarding how to properly perform exercises with a ball and ignorance of the benefits of such training. Meanwhile, the gym ball is widely used both in fitness clubs and rehabilitation centers. It helps to get rid of excess fat tissue, as well as to return to fitness after accidents and illnesses. It does not cost much but has a versatile application. What can be gained by regular exercise with a gym ball?

What benefits can be gained by exercising with a gym ball?

At the very beginning it is worth mentioning that the exercises performed with a special ball do not strain the joints. Therefore, they are recommended to people who are overweight and to all those who so far have resigned from regular physical activity due to joint pain. In addition, training with a gym ball allows unlimited activity at home – you exercise when you want and how much you want. However, when planning individual training units, remember to allow sufficient time for recovery, otherwise you can overtrain. Other advantages of exercising with a gym ball include low cost (gym balls are relatively inexpensive) and varied training.

By exercising regularly with a gym ball you have the chance to:

– strengthen muscles responsible for proper body stabilization,
– diversify your training,
– develop motor skills,
– improve balance,
– improve joint mobility,
– get rid of stress.

When thinking about starting training with a gym ball, pay special attention to adjusting specific exercises to the capabilities of your own body.

Exemplary exercises with a gym ball

The popularity of exercises with a gym ball is steadily growing. Short workout with its use allows you to strengthen muscles and slim the figure. Below you will find several proposals of easy and pleasant exercises with a gym ball.

Slim thighs

Most of the exercises performed on the gym ball from the point of view of the observer seem extremely simple. Don’t let appearances fool you. Each exercise uses multiple muscle groups. Want to get slim thighs? Sit on the exercise ball and rest your hands on it. Bend one leg at the knee and lift it up, then shift your weight to the other leg. Hold this position for a while, then switch legs smoothly.

Flat stomach

Thanks to exercises with a gym ball you will not only make your thighs more slender, but you will also strengthen your abdominal muscles. Are you dreaming of a well-sculpted belly? It’s time to get to work! Among other things, scissors with a gym ball between your legs will help you achieve your goal. Remember also to complete the properly planned training with a well-balanced diet.

Strength in numbers – train under the guidance of professionals!

Even exercises that seem deceptively easy to perform require proper technique. A small mistake in posture can lead to injury. If you want to exercise safely, but are not yet proficient in performing certain exercises, start with group training under the supervision of an experienced instructor. After just a few sessions of training you will gain more confidence, master the basic technique of exercises with a gym ball and you will be ready to start training on your own at home. However, you should always take your first steps with the support of a professional trainer. This way the risk of painful injuries as well as overtraining can be minimized. Strengthen your body, stretch your muscles and improve joint mobility without harming your health!

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