Proper back muscle training – how to do it?

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Exercises for back muscles are an important part of bodybuilding training. In the following text you will learn how to plan it and how to choose the right exercises.

Back training – why is it so important?

When considering the issue of back training, it is worth taking into account both the aesthetic and functional aspect. If an athlete has well-developed thighs, muscular arms, but forgets to regularly train his back muscles, then his figure will not have proportional shapes and will not look aesthetically pleasing. The second point is that well-shaped back muscles help in achieving better sports results in various fields. It is also worth noting that developed back muscles provide additional protection for the spine. So it’s time to find out what the best back workout should look like.

Effective back training – where to do it?

If you want to build up your back muscles, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you plan your workout sessions accordingly. The question on the minds of many (mostly beginner) athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts at this point is where to train and what kind of training will be optimal for comprehensive back muscle development. There are several possibilities in this regard.

The first option is to train at home. This solution can be used by people who are far from a gym or do not have time to visit sports facilities regularly. When planning home training sessions, it is worth buying basic exercise equipment, such as a bar.

The next suggestion is the most classic – training at a gym. When going to the gym, you can bet on training with free weights or use modern exercise machines. Are you in a dilemma as to which of these ways is better? Consult a personal trainer.

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There is another solution for people who want to build up their back muscles. It is hidden under the mysterious name of calisthenics. This is strength training, during which the only load used is your own body weight. Kalisthenics can be practiced practically anywhere – the outdoor gyms springing up in more and more cities are perfect for this.

What to remember when training your back muscles at the gym?

Despite the fact that trainers remind us of the need to perform a warm-up before training at every possible opportunity, still many people forget about it. What is the result of carelessness? Most often you do not have to wait long for the effects. Injury follows injury and you have to take longer and longer breaks between workouts. Before you start training your back muscles, make sure you warm up properly. If you want to build up your back muscles, make sure that the exercises for this part are at the beginning of your workout. Remember not to overload yourself. Exercise with as much weight as your body can handle. Do you feel the need to increase the load? Do it gradually and you will minimize the risk of injury.

How often should I exercise my back?

The frequency with which you exercise your back is largely an individual matter. It will be different for a person who bought a gym pass for the first time in his life and has no sports experience, and different for professional athletes. For an even development of the silhouette it is recommended to conduct back training at a frequency of twice a week. Remember – this muscle group needs a lot of time to regenerate.

What should be the optimal training intensity?

Optimal intensity is also an individual matter. Choose the training load according to your abilities. If you’ve just started training, a light load is the best option – you can test your capabilities without fear of overtraining. The correct load is the one with which you are able to perform 5 repetitions in a series. Don’t forget about proper technique. It is it that will translate into how quickly you will be able to admire in the mirror the first effects of regular training for the expansion of the muscles of the back.

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