The most commonly neglected muscle parts

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Training at the gym should include a comprehensive set of exercises that will provide us with an even development of all muscle parts. In reality, however, it turns out that even people with longer experience skip some parts of the body, which as a result turn out to be weaker and can be damaged during training. What muscle parts are most often neglected by regular gym and fitness club goers?

Tibialis anterior muscle

The tibialis anterior muscle is located at the front of the tibia and is mainly responsible for the free movement of the foot. It also provides proper stabilization for the ankle. Research proves that working on this part of the muscle helps to get rid of flat feet. Its neglect, on the other hand, leads to an increased risk of lower body injuries, and also reduces the effectiveness of training.

Weakness of this muscle is most often felt by beginner runners. It is the so-called iliotibial band. Usually after a few kilometers pain appears in the area of the tibia, which causes the foot to “flap” and not work properly.

Nipple-brachialis-clavicularis muscle

It is not difficult to imagine the loss of mobility of the neck. Functioning then is extremely difficult. Meanwhile, the muscle parts located in this area turn out to be those that are most neglected. It can be noticed while twisting the neck. Due to the fact that this muscle is small, it does not require too frequent training. However, it is important not to forget about it, because the neck and neck muscles are responsible, among other things, for stabilizing the spine. The ideal exercise in this case is to lift the head with a load.

The front pinion muscle

The front pinion muscle is located on the outside of the ribs and is the highest muscle in this part of the body. Its function is to support the shoulder joint as it is responsible for its mobility and proper function. For most gym-goers it is not a priority in training and they usually train it indirectly while performing such exercises as carrying dumbbells behind the head or pulling an overhead lift to the chest. However, it is worth adding at least shoulder push-ups to activate it a bit more and ensure its proper development.

Shoulder muscle

The shoulder muscle is very often overlooked, and it should be mentioned here that it greatly affects the appearance of the figure. If you take care of its development, you will notice a big difference very quickly. Both biceps and triceps will become fuller. The shoulder muscle runs below the biceps and its main purpose is to support the elbow joint. To strengthen it, you need to introduce some simple exercises that will engage it more. In this case, flexing your forearms with a barbell in an overhand grip will work, as well as other exercises that require this type of work of the arm muscle.

Wrist extensor

The proper functioning of the wrists is possible thanks to the wrist extensors. They consist of as many as nine small muscles that are located at the back of the forearm. They can be used to perform all complex hand movements, which is why it is so important to train them regularly. Everyone needs healthy hands, but very few people actually have strong hands. In order to reduce the risk of injury, it is worth introducing reverse wrist bending or simple hand rotations into your training schedule.


Appearance is really of secondary importance, and the priority of every person should be a healthy and stable body. If it is important for a person who exercises and does not want to cure injuries every now and then, he or she should take care of the whole body and each part of muscles in a comprehensive way.

?Some of the most effective and useful muscle groups are often what is most neglected. These include.

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