Turmeric – a natural fat burner

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Wondering how to naturally accelerate fat burning to get the figure of your dreams? Here are some ways you can use the inconspicuous turmeric to do just that!

Turmeric is the standard kit of every fitness enthusiast. It owes its popularity not only to its properties, but also to the ways it can be used. A drink made of turmeric beats absolute records of popularity among people struggling with excess weight.

The iron rule of fat burning

It is said that the most important stage of weight loss takes place not during a workout or on a treadmill, but in the kitchen. This is 90% of future success! A good diet is the key to achieving your dream weight. It should be noted at the outset, however, that if you expect positive effects of turmeric, you must give up the so-called “empty calories”, so put aside: chips, sweets, fast food, fatty meats, highly processed food, sugary drinks and so on. No dietary supplements, no metabolism support, or anything else will work if we don’t stick to this basic principle. Even a theoretically perfect diet and a regular morning jog won’t do anything if we scrimp on an augmented 2 for U kit during breaks.

What is turmeric?

Turmeric, also known as Indian saffron, is extracted from the long thistle. The raw material is then processed and only then does it begin to perform its unique function. The special feature of turmeric is that it can be added to almost anything: meat, vegetables and even desserts.

Its main ingredient is curcumin, which has many health-promoting properties, manifests antibacterial activity and is a great antioxidant. Studies have also shown that one of curcumin’s greatest benefits is its anti-cancer activity. In addition, curcumin:
– lowers blood sugar levels (spice ideal for diabetics),
– supports healing of urinary tract,
– regulates blood cholesterol levels,
– It is perfect for fighting acne,
– helps the body fight colds,
– it improves metabolism, we feel lighter, and annoying symptoms such as nausea and bloating disappear.

Turmeric – weight loss aspect

Curcumin has attracted a lot of interest, however, primarily as an ideal aid in the process of losing weight. The bioactive substances contained in it affect the functioning of the entire body. In overweight people, curcumin can suppress some inflammatory markers, reducing obesity.

The conducted experiments confirmed that a group of people who used curcumin for a month as a dietary supplement (two doses during a good period of 800 mg each, and 8 mg of piperine) significantly helped to reduce the weight of the subjects.

How to use turmeric?

There are many ways and it is actually hard to find any limitations. Its golden color can be used to enrich meats, soups (such as broth), or simply added to a morning omelet or scrambled eggs.

You can also prepare a drink from turmeric. The trick is just to add half a teaspoon of turmeric and honey to boiling, slightly cooled water, squeeze juice from half a lemon (or lime, if you like) and mix everything together. Gourmets of ginger and cinnamon don’t have to be shy about it either and can safely add both spices.

Turmeric with ginger has a special value. It is a special trick for all those who intend to lose weight. The combination of these two ingredients cleanses the liver and digestive system, also eliminates gas in the intestines, which prevents bloating. Especially useful elixir if you have just eaten a fatty meal at grandma’s.

Dear reader – remember the iron rule mentioned at the beginning. Turmeric alone is not enough if it is not part of a balanced, complete diet. It is best supported by regular physical activity. Look for turmeric with added piperine, because it improves the process of curcumin absorption.

Worth noting:)

Published by Personal Trainer-Tomasz Kopeć Monday, April 4, 2016

Featured Photo: Freepik

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