Exercises at home for a flat stomach

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The peculiarity of the body structure means that fat tissue often accumulates around the abdomen, which is where it is least desirable. How to exercise at home to finally enjoy a flat belly?

Workout at home or at the gym?

A new year, new resolutions to exercise regularly, a gym pass in your pocket, and here we are after a few months of CRACK! If the virus spreading at a rapid pace has also thwarted you, do not break your arms. Training at the gym is not the only way to achieve your dream silhouette. You can exercise successfully at home too! You can use the offer of a personal trainer, who will write down step by step the optimal workout, taking into account the specifics of your body build. The second possibility is to exercise in front of a computer screen. You can find plenty of workout suggestions on YouTube. Just put on some comfortable clothes, reserve some time at any time of day or night, choose a program suitable for your level of fitness and get to work!

Workout with Ewa Chodakowska

One of the most popular trainers in our country is undoubtedly Ewa Chodakowska. Her program TARGET – SLOW BACK has managed to gain many followers, who show on their own example how positive effects can be brought by intensive and regular training, especially in combination with proper diet.

Marta Henning – Workout for belly and sides

Marta Hennig, about whom a wider audience heard thanks to the project codzienniefit.pl, posted on YouTube Training for a flat stomach and sides. You only need to set aside twenty minutes for exercise, combine the training plan with healthy food and, as Marta convinces, you will soon notice the first effects of your efforts.

Exercises to help reduce belly fat with Denise Austin

As the American fitness instructor convinces – you don’t have to leave your house to burn some belly fat. What’s more, you won’t need any special equipment to exercise. You can use whatever you have at hand, such as a chair. Check out the Abs-Office Workout. You’ll be surprised that it takes so little time (a single training unit takes only a few minutes) to take the first step towards your dream silhouette, which will be characterised by a flat and firm belly without excess fat tissue.

How to choose the optimal exercise plan?

Remember to choose a training plan for a flat stomach, pay attention to the fact that it was tailored to your condition and body capabilities. If until now physical activity was not your strength, throwing yourself into the proverbial deep water, you may get injured, and too intensive training will quickly take away your desire to exercise regularly.

What to eat to have a flat stomach?

Although it is possible to achieve the effect of a flat stomach with the help of exercises alone, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming. The road to achieving the desired goal will be much shorter if you combine intensive training with a well-balanced diet. What do you have to remember?

If you equate a diet with a tiring hunger strike, then put this stereotype out of your mind as soon as possible. Temporary change of eating style or resignation from some products, not only will not help, but can also do harm. When you return to your old habits, you will quickly be confronted with your familiar friend – the yo-yo effect. How to avoid it? Change your diet permanently!

In the interest of a healthy body weight and a flat stomach, give up fatty foods and processed foods. This does not mean that you will never again reach for your favorite burger or eat pizza. The pleasures in life are important, including the culinary ones. However, the point is that they should not be the foundation of nutrition, but only an occasional addition. If you want to reduce the effect of a bulging tummy, limit the consumption of flatulent products such as cabbage and beans.

So what to eat to enjoy a flat belly? Opt for a diet rich in nutritious but easily digestible products. Maintain an appropriate calorie balance – remember to cover your body’s energy needs – otherwise you will lose strength and enthusiasm for training! A well-balanced diet and a good workout plan will allow you to enjoy a flat belly, faster than you think!

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