How to improve the appearance of your legs? Here are some interesting exercises

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Beautiful and shapely legs are something every woman dreams of. The most effective and proven way to make them so is physical activity. These exercises will allow you to enjoy the legs of your dreams!

1. Split jump with dumbbells

In the starting position, hold dumbbells at shoulder distance and with palms facing each other, so that the weights hang to the sides. Once we reach the correct position, we place our left foot in front of our right foot, then bend the knee and hip to lower the body. Instantly, we change directions and jump with enough force to lift both feet off the floor. This intense exercise is sure to produce amazing results!

2. Squats

A traditional thigh exercise that could not be missing from this list. At the beginning, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, while your feet point outward. When the starting position is mastered, tighten the abdominal muscles and glutes, move the hips back a bit and transfer the weight to the heels, without taking the feet off the ground. After moving the hips back, we calmly bend the knees and step down. Importantly, during a properly performed squat, the back should remain in a neutral position (maintaining the natural curvature) as much as possible.

3. Leg raise on the side

To perform this activity, we lie on our left side, bend the left knee at an angle of about 90°, while keeping the right leg straight and parallel to the back. Then we place our right hand on the upper part of the buttock – this way we will be able to prevent unwanted forward movement of the left hip. From this position, lift the right leg as far as possible without tilting the hips, then return to the initial position. Regularly practiced 3 series of 10 repetitions for each leg can work wonders! 

4. Exercises

Exercise that every sports lover is sure to know – the popular tricks are a great example of the fact that genius lies in simplicity. To begin, we stand slightly apart and rest our hands on our waist. Then we take one big step forward and slowly lower the body until the front knee bends at a right angle. After returning to the starting position, we do a lunge with the other leg. As for technique, the torso should be upright at all times. In addition, we can enrich the lunges by holding dumbbells adequate for this exercise in the hands.

5. Leg raises

Significantly from the perspective of busy people, this is an activity that we can perform in fact anywhere in the world – regardless of whether we are closer to training at the gym or at home. All you need to do is find some space, kneel down and rest your hands on the ground, at about shoulder height. Then tighten the buttocks and lift the bent leg in such a way that it aims at the ceiling. Hold in this position for 20-30 seconds, then lower the leg, but without resting the knee on the floor.

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