Gym at home – a list of the most important equipment

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Regular exercise is the key to staying fit and in shape. In times of coronavirus, when sports facilities are still closed, think about creating a gym at home.

If you have enough space, you can utilize it and arrange an exercise corner in it. For a gym, you can arrange a spacious basement or attic, if you have one, where it is easier to place larger equipment. If you are limited by space in your home, you can also buy large equipment – some of them are foldable, which makes them easy to store.

Stationary bikes

The market abounds in different models, varying in terms of functionality and possibilities offered. Before buying the right equipment, consider what goals you want to achieve during training and how often and how intensively you will use it. The basic type is the mechanical bicycle. It is simple in design and operation, has no electronics or additional features. Its mechanism of operation is based on the friction of a flywheel.

The second category is magnetic bikes. They have a computer which allows you to adjust the speed and load to the type of workout. You will find a large selection of such devices at ACTIVESHOP

Bicycles for home use are also divided into:
– horizontal
– vertical
– spinning

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You can choose between mechanical and electrical treadmills. The former are powered by your legs. They have quite a limited number of features, but if you are a beginner runner, it is worth buying one. The electric models, on the other hand, offer a wide range of options, among which you can adjust the speed of your run or walk, the incline and monitor the time of your workout. Modern models will also allow you to control the number of calories you burn.

Workout benches

A must for people who want to build up their muscle mass while exercising. Bench has universal use – you can lift barbells, exercise with dumbbells and even rubber bands. It is a great alternative for an exercise atlas. When choosing it, be guided by the type of exercises you want to do on it. If you care about its wide use, choose a model with height adjustment.


Steppers take up very little space. You can exercise different parts of your legs. There are also models where you can attach a rope if you want to strengthen your arms while exercising. Modern steppers also have a step counter and a calorie counter.
Dumbbells and barbells

If you’re only interested in strength training, your gym can’t lack dumbbells of different weights. For home use we recommend bituminous models that do not damage the floor. To save space in your apartment and money, choose dumbbells with adjustable weight.

When choosing a barbell, consider its weight and length, which should be matched to your height, and the maximum load.

Additional equipment

The gym should also have rubber bands to help you warm up. You can also buy a twister, a ball on which you will be able to strengthen the balance of your body (the so-called balance trainer). They do not take up much space, but using them will give you the opportunity to diversify your workout. It is also a good idea to install pull-up bars.

A home gym can be a good substitute for a gym and a place to train in inclement weather. When choosing equipment, don’t just look at the price, but the manufacturer’s reputation and the type of exercises you want to do.

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