Choosing a workout shirt – what should I consider?

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Properly fitting outfit is the basis for effective training. One of its elements is a T-shirt. What should I consider when choosing it? What materials are used to produce this type of clothing? What cut should the training t-shirt have?

The material used and the cut of the training shirt

What should the ideal training shirt be made of? The ideal T-shirt should not be made of cotton. This is because it absorbs sweat, sticks to the body and gradually increases its weight. All this contributes to reducing the effectiveness of the workout. In addition, a sweaty T-shirt does not look impressive, which can effectively distract you during exercise.

The best solution is clothing made of so-called technical fabrics. This category includes polyester, polyamide and a mixture of these materials. Their advantages include the fact that they are lightweight, breathable and do not absorb sweat. Even if they soak up a small amount as a result of a very intensive workout, they quickly release it into the environment. But that’s not all the advantages of training shirts made from technical fabrics. They do not require ironing, do not fade due to sunlight or regular washing, do not stretch, do not irritate the skin (which makes them ideal for allergy sufferers) and are resistant to damage that could be caused by moths. Those who want a T-shirt that emphasizes their figure should opt for a polyester or polyamide model with the addition of lycra or elastane. If you want to conceal your curves, you should get a blouse made exclusively of polyester or polyamide.

What style of gym t-shirt can I get? We can choose short-sleeved, long-sleeved and sleeveless models. The former are the most versatile and work well for any type of workout. Long-sleeved T-shirts are good for a quiet workout, such as yoga or Pilates, or one that takes place outdoors. When it comes to sleeveless shirts, on the other hand, they are great for intense workouts. It is also a good solution for summer. It is very common for people who want to show off their muscles or do arm, shoulder or back workouts to put on this type of shirt and they want to be as comfortable as possible during their workout.

What size should a gym or fitness t-shirt be? Opinions are divided on this topic. Some claim that it needs to be 1 size bigger, others say that the best are models that fit the body. It all depends on individual preferences, type of workout and self-confidence. Beginners often choose slightly looser clothes, which allow them to mask body flaws or small muscles. If you want to present the results of hard workout, you can successfully wear a tight T-shirt.

Workout T-shirt vs. activity

How do I match my T-shirt to my favorite activity? Loose-fitting, oversized styles work best for more leisurely fitness routines. For more demanding, higher intensity workouts, it’s best to wear a fitted t-shirt – either short-sleeved or sleeveless. As for men, for workouts at the gym, a significant number of them choose slightly tighter models to emphasize their muscles. What kind of workout shirt will work best for running? Go for a stretchy, close-fitting model with breathable mesh panels. Those who like to run after dark should get a shirt enriched with reflective elements.

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