Agmatine – the way to increase muscle pump

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Agmatine is associated in the bodybuilding community with an agent that is designed to increase muscle pump. What is it and how does it work? We’ll tell you!

Agmatine – what is it?

Agmatine, or more precisely agmatine sulphate, is an organic chemical compound or – to put it another way – an aliphatic polyamide belonging to the group of biogenic amines. It is both a neuromodulator and a neurotransmitter. The substance in question has a significant effect on nitric oxide levels and blood vessel dilation.

It was discovered in 1910 by Albrecht Kossel. Agmatine is formed in our body as a result of decarboxylation of arginine, in the process of natural fermentation. Where exactly can you meet agmatine sulfate? Naturally in humans, it is found in the kidneys, adrenal glands, liver and small intestine. Agmatine is stored in nerve cells. Its production is based on the conversion of arginine in the organs mentioned above.

Effects of agmatine

Agmatine has a broad spectrum of effects:
– affects the increase in nitric oxide production,
– accelerates the regeneration process,
– contributes to the increase of muscle pumps,
– It has neuroprotective properties which help protect the nervous system against toxic substances,
– facilitates detoxification of the body,
– protects against harmful free radicals which limit the functioning, development and growth of tissues and cells,
– dilates blood vessels,
– increases blood flow,
– has a positive effect on oxygenation and blood supply to cells,
– reduces blood pressure,
– lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke,
– sensitizes to painkillers and stimulants,
– reduces overproduction of cortisol, optimizing its levels,
– increases dopamine levels and adrenaline and norepinephrine secretion,
– improves mood, has an antidepressant and anti-anxiety effect,
– supports cognitive processes,
– improves concentration,
– improves lipolysis, stimulating weight loss,
– helps fight addiction (the latter is related to NMDA receptor inhibition).

Agmatine and bodybuilding and sports

As already mentioned, among athletes agmatine is considered to be a substance which is designed to induce the so-called muscle pump. This term is used to describe the phenomenon of blood vessel expansion. As a result, working muscles are supplied with an increased amount of nutrients and blood to effectively support their construction and regeneration.

This is because the substance in question guarantees a good blood supply to muscles, optimising their work by delivering oxygen and essential ingredients to them. All this makes agmatine a popular ingredient in many pre-workout supplements available on the market, i.e. products designed to improve workout effectiveness.

What else is worth knowing about the relationship between agmatine and athletic performance? It effectively relieves pain by improving post-workout recovery. This was proven in a study that was conducted on mice in 2013. What’s more, agmatine has an antagonistic effect on NMDA receptors, as a result of which it contributes to improving energy by releasing adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine.

Agmatine is a banned substance in our country. This is due to the fact that so far it has not been possible to study what kind of side effects it could cause. Besides, it has not been assigned to any food category, as a result of which it has been officially withdrawn from the domestic market.

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