How to get rid of excess water from the body?

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Too much water in the body can significantly impede the process of body shaping. We suggest how to deal with this problem!

Experts on all sides tell us that we should take care to provide our bodies with appropriate amount of water every day. Dehydration is dangerous and contrary to appearances it can happen not only on a hot day but also during a very intensive physical effort.

It is best to replenish fluids in the body regularly. It is more beneficial to drink small amounts of water frequently than to drink the entire bottle at once. How much water do I need to drink to keep my body functioning properly? The amount of water recommended by doctors is at least 1.5 liters every day. The warmer it is or the more intense the exercise, the more you need to drink.

Excess water in the body – what to do?

Many people drastically reduce their daily fluid intake when they notice a watery belly button or the appearance of water cellulite on their thighs. This is what logic tells us – if there is too much of something, we should limit it. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. Paradoxically, to reduce the amount of water retained in the body, you need to increase the amount of fluid you drink. Sounds strange?

The human body is a very complicated machine. Sodium is often responsible for the fact that excess water is stored in the body. It works on this principle – the more sodium you take in, the more water you need to drink to flush it out, otherwise water will be retained in the body, which can result in swelling. To flush out the sodium, you need more water, then you will also get rid of the swelling – be it on your legs or around your abdomen.

Say goodbye to excess water from your body!

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Take care of a healthy diet!

As mentioned above, one of the main culprits of morning swelling caused by excess water in the body is sodium. Drinking increased amounts of fluids, especially during the fall and winter months may not be an option for everyone. What else can you do? The whole secret is in the amount of sodium provided to the body with meals each day. A healthy diet that excludes processed foods, gives up junk food, and is based on fruits and vegetables will help deal with excess water and will certainly contribute to a better mood and strengthen immunity.

Fiber in the diet – why is it so important?

One more point about proper nutrition. Our culinary tradition is largely based on meat. This is why many people are deficient in fiber, which is responsible for the body’s water balance. If you want to avoid the problem of excessive water accumulation, you should include vegetable products with a high fibre content in your daily diet. Don’t have time to prepare a complicated breakfast? Opt for a delicious oatmeal with nuts and your favourite fruit!

Work up a sweat!

No one likes the idea of sweat dripping down their forehead, but it’s a great way to reduce excess water in your body. No need to sweat from stress – better to get interested in sports and physical activity! You don’t have to turn into a professional athlete in no time. It is enough to set aside a small amount of time each day for sport. There are many possibilities – individual gym classes with a personal trainer or endurance sports. Not only will the excess water be removed from your body with sweat. You will also get rid of harmful toxins. Thanks to this you will improve circulation, and this is an excellent prevention against many diseases!

Diet, exercise and consultation with a doctor

If you want to reduce the amount of water in your body, it is necessary to change your diet, and also bet on daily physical activity. In case you do not see any improvement despite the measures taken, immediately consult a doctor to check your health, especially whether your kidneys are working properly.

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