Natural alternatives to protein supplements after training

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After training, protein needs to be replenished as soon as possible to prevent muscle catabolism. Increasingly, athletes are turning to powdered supplements, while cheaper and natural products available in every store will suffice.

Why is protein important for muscle building?

Protein is the foundation on which we build our muscles. During intensive exercise, the body requires an increased dose of energy, and it creates it from protein. The chemical bonds of the macronutrient are broken, thus leading to the so-called energy metabolism.

This explains why we need protein during training. In a situation in which we have provided our body with an adequate amount of this component, it will draw energy from the “fresh reserve”, this process is called synthesis. However, when there is not enough protein, and workouts are held regularly, the body will begin to look for other sources of energy, which it will find in its own muscles. This time the so-called (muscle) catabolism will occur, i.e. the breakdown of muscle tissue to make up for energy shortages. The biceps will then decrease instead of growing, even despite intensive exercise.

Protein powder – is it healthy?

However, it is worth asking – on the other hand, will excess protein not accidentally lead to negative side effects? Of course it will. If you take in more of it than your body needs, the protein will be converted into glucose and fat. As a result, the quality of kidney and liver work deteriorates, erectile dysfunction occurs, and the risk of cancer increases.

It is widely recognized that the absorption of protein powder does not have negative consequences. After all, it is a great alternative for time-pressed people, vegetarians, lactose-intolerant athletes, etc. This rule is especially true for professional athletes, who actually need more protein than the average gym-goer. Such people will not be able to meet their needs by consuming only natural ingredients, so they reach for supplements.

However, for people who train for health, figure, etc., a better alternative will be to use natural products rich in protein.

Natural products rich in protein – why is it a better option?

First – in the case of powdered protein, it is questionable to adjust the right amount to the body’s needs (in people who exercise as a hobby). Secondly – a diet is not only based on protein, it should also consist of other macronutrients such as carbohydrates and fats.

Adequate supply of the other two components regulates the process of protein metabolism. Excessive use of supplements does not allow you to properly control it (especially if the source of protein will be natural meals and supplements). 

In addition, our organs, such as the stomach, much better accept just natural products – of animal and plant origin. Particularly beneficial will be:

  • eggs,
  • yogurts,
  • cottage cheese,
  • kefir,
  • Dried meat (chicken or turkey),
  •  fish (sardines, tuna).

main photo: ODINTSOV

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