Factors that contribute to injury in the gym

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Athletes are subjected to much more strain than people who play sports recreationally. Therefore, they are at a higher risk of injury. Regardless of the type of sport practiced, it is necessary to take care of the regeneration of the body and a proper diet.

A warm-up before training is essential

People who exercise recreationally very often skip the first and basic step of training, which is the warm-up. It is important to realise that the warm-up prepares the body for greater effort and heavier loads. Skipping the warm-up can lead to very serious injuries, which can make an athlete never train again.

It is therefore worth starting each workout with a 10-minute warm-up, which will prepare the body for greater loads, allow the muscles to warm up, and protect joints or ligaments from possible injury. The best solution is to ride a classic stationary bike, which improves blood flow and oxygenates the muscles.


Overtraining is one of the main causes of injuries. In addition, for people who are trying to increase their muscle mass, such a condition has a negative impact because the muscles cannot regenerate properly after a hard workout. In this case, the old saying that more is not always better comes true. That’s why it’s worth remembering not to bring your muscles down on every training unit. In order to avoid overtraining, it is recommended to set the recovery time for each muscle group so that it is about 48 hours before it is loaded again.

The symptoms of overtraining are often ignored by us, because everyone wants to gain the best possible results in as…

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Too heavy weights

The most important thing to remember about working out in the gym is the number of kilograms on the barbell. This is obviously a mistake, which sooner or later will lead to injury or micro-trauma, and these can cause even more serious ailments. In strength training, especially beginners should pay attention to technique. Therefore, it is recommended to decrease the weight, but also increase your concentration. By doing so, more muscle fibers are activated, and thus the effectiveness of the training increases and the muscles grow faster.

In strength training, it is very common to use cheated repetitions, but this is a technique reserved mainly for people with longer experience. They are very often accompanied by huge loads, which increases the risk of injury. A warm-up is also essential in this case, which will make your muscles properly warmed up and oxygenated.

Caloric deficit

Muscles need the right nutrients to work properly. Carbohydrates are responsible for replenishing glycogen in them, while protein allows you to repair the micro-damages that have occurred. When a long-term caloric deficit is applied during the period of muscle mass reduction, access to these components is limited. Most often calories are limited from fat and carbohydrates in order to activate energy stored in fat in different parts of the body.

It is therefore worth making sure that the diet you follow is rich in all the necessary nutrients. Keep in mind that unnourished and unregenerated muscles are very susceptible to injury, and tearing fibers is not only very painful, but can also exclude you from training for many months.

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