Is it possible to lose weight quickly and safely?

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Have you tried to lose weight so many times and the results were poor? It is time to approach the subject in a comprehensive manner – including both diet and physical activity.

Overweight – why is it so dangerous?

A few extra kilograms can make you feel completely alien in your own body. You get tired faster, your self-confidence decreases and your health starts to fail. It is worth noting that being overweight, and consequently obesity, is a serious health problem. Obesity contributes to the development of many diseases. It increases the risk of diabetes, promotes the development of atherosclerosis, and can aggravate depressive states. Not everyone has to have a figure like from the cover of a magazine for young people, but for your own health it is worth taking care that the BMI is shaped at a correct level.

Yo-yo effect – a constantly recurring problem

The main problem with weight reduction, which is pointed out by people who tried to lose weight several times, is the yo-yo effect, which comes back with a maniac’s persistence. Almost everyone knows this repeating pattern by heart. First, a few weeks of a restrictive diet, sometimes even a starvation diet. Finally the weight comes off to the desired level and you return to your old eating habits and hide your oversized clothes in the bottom of the closet, but…. then comes the yo-yo effect. Not only does the scale come back to where you started, but it often shows a few extra pounds.

To lose weight quickly or safely?

Or maybe it is possible to lose weight quickly, safely and also in such a way that the effects are visible for a long time? Unfortunately – such wishes come true only in fairy tales. Reducing excess weight and shaping a dream silhouette is a process, which, to be safe and have a chance to bring lasting results, must be properly spread over time. Rapid weight loss, especially when it is the result of a bitter hunger strike, causes serious damage to the body – some of which may be irreversible. Not only the digestive system suffers, but also the endocrine and immune systems. Want to lose weight? Set yourself for a few months of intense exercise.

Why “miracle diets” do not work at all?

The tan you get in the summer, disappears after a few weeks. The same is true for your weight. Fat reduction will continue until you strictly stick to the diet. When you go back to your old eating habits, you will start to put on weight again. How to break this vicious circle? It is very simple! Do you want to lose weight? Change your eating habits permanently! And I don’t mean that you should stick to this or that diet for the rest of your life. Bet on healthy eating and properly balanced meals. Give up stimulants – remember, even alcohol can be calorific! Instead of sweets, reach for vegetables and fresh fruit. Replace frying with steaming. Avoid fast food and processed foods. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey – in order for it to bring lasting results, you need to abandon bad eating habits for good.

Physical activity speeds up fat reduction

If you want to lose weight effectively, in addition to a healthy diet, take up physical activity. Exercises do not have to be very intense, it is important that you start moving. Instead of driving your car to go shopping, ride your bike. Swap a movie marathon in front of the TV for a walk with friends. Stop taking the elevator – take the stairs and you’ll see how quickly your breathing capacity improves. When it comes to weight loss, optimal results can be achieved by working with professional nutritionists and personal trainers. Professionals will put together a diet and exercise plan for your individual needs.

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