How to set up a gym at home by yourself?

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Regular training at the gym is one of the most effective ways to get the figure of your dreams. But what about training at home?

Gym at home – advantages

Strength training shapes your silhouette and allows you to achieve optimal body sculpting, develop correct posture and strengthen muscles. What’s more, it is recommended not only for people who aim at figure sports. Exercising with weights is also an excellent complementary training for practicing various sports disciplines. Runners should use this form of physical activity at least once a week. This will strengthen your muscles and help you achieve even better results. Strength training is a good diversification of activity also for cyclists, swimmers or footballers – in short, everyone who cares about an attractive appearance and perfect form should direct their attention towards exercise with additional load.

Several years ago gyms and fitness clubs were the domain of big cities. In small towns you could occasionally meet with school gyms, but the quality of their equipment left much to be desired. In recent years this situation has begun to change dramatically. Smaller and larger gyms, fitness clubs, and even outdoor gyms began to appear also in the provinces, making access to strength training universal, especially since the vast majority of facilities offered long-term passes at extremely affordable prices. For many, however, the pandemic thwarted training plans – the closure of sports facilities was a major blow not only to professional athletes but also to regular amateurs. However, as nature does not like a vacuum, and you have to exercise somewhere, home gyms have become fashionable.

The advantages of such a solution can be listed at least a few, and the most important are:

the ability to train at any time of day or night – you don’t have to worry about the opening hours of the sports facility, and you can start training straight from bed. It doesn’t matter if it’s noon or midnight, Wednesday or Sunday. Training at home is a great idea whenever you feel like it.

No additional fees – yes, you have to invest a little bit in basic equipment for a home gym, but buying good quality equipment, it will be an expense for years. You do not have to worry about timely payment of subscription fees in fear of immediate termination of the contract.

greater freedom – theoretically, during a workout at the gym, everyone is busy with himself, but surreptitious glances in the direction of other trainees are the order of the day. For many people this can be an embarrassing situation – a gym at home will solve this problem.

How to set up a gym at home?

The equipment of a gym at home is not as complicated as it may seem at first. You do not even need to have a particularly large amount of space – a basement or a small room is enough to fit everything that will be necessary for optimal training. The only barrier for some people may be the cost of home gym equipment. However, a solution can be found for this as well. Just choose the equipment that you will actually use regularly during your workouts. If you like running outdoors, then a home treadmill will prove to be unnecessary. Giving up this one piece of equipment allows you to save up to a few thousand zlotys (professional treadmills are a considerable expense). The situation is similar in the case of stationary bike.

When you have already chosen the equipment, it’s time to think about how to organize the space in your home gym. The less space, the more creativity you need to show. Interesting arrangement proposals can be found on many websites dedicated to interior design. Home gyms have become so popular, that their arrangement is already taken care of by well-known space designers. The basic minimum equipment includes weights and an exercise mat. A bench will also prove useful. Over time, you can expand the gym in your own home more and more.

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