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Do you practice sports actively on a daily basis, but you are slowly starting to fall into a routine and are looking for something new? Or maybe so far you’ve been paying attention mainly to increasing your strength, but you need new challenges in your life, which will focus on improving your fitness? Check out what you can do in this topic.


Boxing is a combat sport associated with using only fists. Although they play a major role in keeping your guard up and rubbing on your opponent, they are not the only part of your body working. You also don’t have to immediately assume that by starting to train in boxing you will fight professionally. The training itself is an excellent fitness challenge, and that’s true even for those who exercise regularly in other ways.

Contrary to what you may think, boxing is a sport for the truly hardy. If you have the opportunity to start training with a professional, you will definitely feel it yourself – the warm-up before practicing basic moves is usually extremely intense, and the rounds during which you will be throwing punches and keeping your guard up will put your body in a state of full readiness.

It is a good idea to prepare properly for such exercises. When starting out, you are unlikely to need a protective helmet, but it is worth getting a wrap, which is boxing tape worn under the gloves and the boxing gloves themselves. The straps, also known as bandages, are responsible for stabilizing the wrist, thus reducing the risk of injury. The gloves, which should be made of leather and lined with horsehair or polyurethane, absorb the force of the blow.

Also very important are boxing shoes – preferably made of soft leather, no elevation or heel, no metal parts, on a thin rubber sole, laced and reaching above the ankle. When you start fighting opponents instead of the bag, you will also need to remember to buy a mouth and teeth protector, or jaw protector.


Another sport that can take you out of your routine and strengthen your fitness is climbing. This is an extremely demanding sport that requires great coordination and work on your entire body. An additional challenge is the constant load of your own weight, which makes the level of exercise even higher.

Climbing training isn’t always about altitude – you don’t literally have to climb mountain peaks to build up your fitness. Of course, if you’re passionate about extreme sports, this will definitely be an activity in your vibe, but you might as well head to a climbing wall or a rope park. It would also be a good idea to stock up on climbing ropes and create an exercise area in your own garden.

This type of construction can also be a great pastime for children. The heights are not great and although they make the exercises challenging, they are not that dangerous. If you’re just starting out with rope training, be sure to get the right cushioning and magnesia to keep your skin from getting slippery from sweat and provide you with more stability.

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